Non-Park Use Permits

Attention Non-Park Use Permit (NPUP) Applicants: Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) is working diligently to provide timely responses to the high volume of NPUP applications. PP&R will make every effort to respond to inquiries within five business days.

We thank you for your patience.
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About Non-Park Use Permit (NPUP)

Any non-park use, as defined by the policies below, on PP&R property by any individual, organization, business, or agency, other than PP&R or PP&R’s contractors, requires an NPUP. This applies to short-term and long-term uses. NPUP policies require all entities, including other City bureaus, private citizens, or businesses, to submit an application for review and pay any applicable fees for their proposed non-park use. In general, use of PP&R property for non-traditional park uses is discouraged, though many NPUPs are approved each year.

Examples of work requiring an NPUP include:

  • Construction activities
  • Staging of materials or equipment
  • Vehicle access in the course of performing work
  • Traversing park property with equipment or personnel for construction related work
  • Utility-related work, such as internet/telecom, electric/power, gas, sewer, and water

Please note: Submission of an NPUP application for use of PP&R property does not guarantee that park land will be made available for the requested use.


All PP&R properties are subject to non-park use of park property policies, which are required by Portland City Code Title 20.

Please review the policies and procedures governing non-park use below. There are specific policies for the Springwater Corridor. The policies were developed and approved by the Portland City Council and state that the highest and best use of park property is to provide land for park and recreation use for the citizens of Portland. The ordinance adopting the policies requires that PP&R be reimbursed for all costs associated with non-park use of park property.

Application Checklist

An NPUP can only be issued after PP&R’s receipt of the following items:


An application form is available in the following formats: online form, Microsoft Word, and PDF.


The permit application fee of $1,000 is for the staff time to review and process your application. It is non-refundable once permit review has begun. There may be additional impact fees, depending on the nature and extent of your project. The impact fee is generally determined using the following formula: dollar rate per square foot per week of use. Note: Rates increase in relation to the duration of the closure.

  • Month 1 = $.18/sf/wk
  • Month 2 = $.18/sf/wk
  • Month 3 = $.36/sf/wk
  • Month 4 = $.72/sf/wk
  • Month 5 = $1.44/sf/wk
  • Month 6 and longer = $1.44/sf/wk

PP&R may update any fees to better serve the purpose of the NPUP program.

Fees may be paid by credit card, ACH, or check. Please contact to arrange for payment by credit card or ACH.

Maps and Plans

You will be required to provide detailed drawings of all planned work, as appropriate. Drawings should clearly show any trees in the vicinity of your work and the access route to the worksite.

Applicants may also be required to provide detailed maps of any specific work site, including its general location within the park property, and the surrounding area affected by the proposed work project and/or detailed drawings of all planned work, as determined by PP&R.

If your project includes any permanent installations on park property, you are required to provide digital and paper as-builts for your facilities once the project is complete in accordance with PP&R guidelines.


  • Name, address, and contact information for the applicant.
  • Name, address, and contact information for any contractor.
  • Name and title for any authorized signer of the NPUP. Note: authorized signers must have authority to enter into binding legal agreements on behalf of the organization.


The applicant and contractor, if applicable, must provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance indicating:

  • Current Commercial General Liability coverage
  • Current Auto coverage
  • Proof of Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Additional Insured Endorsement Form (CG 20 12 or similar) indicating:
    “Portland Parks & Recreation” or “The City of Portland, its officers, agents and employees” as additional insured

If your organization is self-insured, please send a Self-Insured letter or Certificate.

Please see standard insurance requirements: Non-Park Use of Park Property Permit Insurance Requirements

Where to Send Application Materials

You may submit application materials online during the application process, by email, or by mail at the address below. During the review process of your NPUP application, PP&R will advise regarding submission requirements.

The insurance certificate, permit fee, and application can be emailed to Alternately, we accept paper materials mailed to the address below. Please note that physically mailing your materials will add substantial time to the review process.

Portland Parks & Recreation
Real Property Services Administrator
1120 SW Fifth Ave. Rm. 858
Portland, Oregon 97204

Things You Should Know

Additional Permits

Work authorized under an NPUP may require additional permits, including permits and/or authorizations required by other City bureaus. NPUP applicants should consult with the City of Portland Bureau of Development Services (BDS) to see if other permits are necessary.

Long-Term Authorization

NPUPs grant temporary use of park property for non-park purposes, such as construction and staging. If your project includes permanent installation of equipment or facilities on park property, you will also need an easement or revocable long-term permit. Please indicate any long-term needs in your application answers.

Timing of Permit Review

Depending on the complexity or extent of the project, permit review and commenting typically takes anywhere from four to six weeks. During the review process, you may be required to submit additional documentation, such as work site plans or insurance certificates. Timely and comprehensive submittals are encouraged to facilitate application processing.


Submission of an application for use of PP&R property does not guarantee that park land will be made available for the requested use.


If you have questions about the permit or the process, before or during the application process, contact

Submit Your Non-Park Use Permit Application

You can submit your Non-Park Use Permit application through our online form.

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