Non-Park Use Permit Policies

Attention NPUP Applicants: PP&R is working very diligently to provide timely responses to all Non-Park Use permit application(s). Due to the large frequency of applications, PP&R will make every effort to respond to phone calls and emails within 3-5 business days. We thank you for your patience.
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About Non-Park Use Permit (NPUP)

Any construction work or staging on Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) property by any individual, organization, business or agency - other than PP&R or one of their contractors - requires a permit. This is true whether the construction is short-term or a permanent installation. We identify construction and related work on park property to be covered by our Non-Park Use of Park Property (NPUP) policies. These policies require all applicants, be they utilities, other City bureaus, private citizens or businesses, to pay an application fee and submit an application for review and evaluation. In general, use of PP&R property for other than traditional park uses is discouraged, but many NPUP Permits are approved each year. Examples of such work include:

  • Staging of materials or equipment on park property while doing work on adjacent private property
  • Installation of monitoring wells as required by State agencies
  • Crossing through park property with equipment or personnel for construction related work, or anything other than a recreational purpose
  • Installation of new - or repair/replacement of old - power, sewer or water lines or other utility related equipment


The policies for management of Non-Park Use of Park Property apply to all Portland Parks & Recreation property. 

Application Checklist

A complete application includes the following items:

An application form is available in three formats: online, Microsoft Word, and Adobe PDF. All of these formats are available in the sidebar to the left.

The permit application fee of $1,000 is for the staff time to review and process your application. It is non-refundable, once permit review has begun. There may be additional impact fees, depending on the nature and extent of your project. The rate schedule for a temporary closure is as follows:

  • Month 1 = $.18/sf/wk
  • Month 2 = $.18/sf/wk
  • Month 3 = $.36/sf/wk
  • Month 4 = $.72/sf/wk
  • Month 5 = $1.44/sf/wk
  • Month 6 and longer = $1.44/sf/wk

This fee will be updated July 1 of each year.

Detailed maps of the work site (including its general location within the park property) and the surrounding area to be affected by the proposed work project. If your project includes any permanent installations on park property, you should anticipate our need for digital and paper as-builts for your facilities once the project is completed.

Detailed drawings of all planned work, as appropriate. Among other things, drawings should clearly show any trees in the vicinity of your work. If your project includes any permanent installations on PP&R property, you will also be required to submit digital and paper as-builts for your facilities once the project is completed, in accordance with PP&R format guidelines.


  • The name and contact information for your on-site project manager.
  • Name and title for person who will sign the Permit - with authority to enter into binding legal agreements for your organization.
  • Name, address and contact information for any contractor(s).

Please review the Policies and Procedures Governing Non-Park Use; there are additional policies for the Springwater Corridor. They point out that the highest and best use of park property is to provide land for park and recreation use for the citizens of Portland. In order to safeguard these uses, the policies were developed and approved by the Portland City Council. The ordinance adopting the policies requires that PP&R be reimbursed for all costs associated with non-park use of park property.

Certificate of Insurance for permittee and any contractor(s) indicating: 

  1. Proof of Workers Compensation Insurance
  2. Attach additional insured endorsement form (CG2012 or similar).
  3. Current General Liability coverage for your firm, as well as any contractors and subcontractors. The certificate must include the following things:
    • Coverage for the City of Portland, its officers, agents, and employees as additional insured.
    • Specific reference to your project and the park by name in the comments section.

If your organization is self-insured, we need a letter or certificate stating so.

Non-Park Use of Park Property Permit Insurance Requirements (pdf)

Where to send application materials

The insurance certificate, permit fee, and application can be mailed to the address below. Alternatively, all documents except the permit fee can be submitted by fax. Call 503-823-7720 to make arrangements if you would like to pay by credit card.

Portland Parks & Recreation
Real Property Services Administrator
1120 SW Fifth Ave #1302
Portland, Oregon 97204

Fax: 503-279-3966

Things you should know

BDS Permits
A Non-Park Use Permit (NPUP) from PP&R grants authorization to use park land for purposes not normally associated with park use. An NPUP will be subject to permits and authorizations that may be necessary from other City Bureaus. The regulatory permitting process in Portland is managed by the Bureau of Development Services (BDS). Applicants should consult with BDS to see if other permits are necessary.

Long-term Authorization
NPUPs grant temporary use of park property for non-park purposes, such as construction and staging. If your project includes permanent installation of equipment on park property, you will also need an easement or revocable long-term permit. This permit application can serve for both purposes, but please be certain to make your short- and long-term needs clear in your answers.

Timing of Permit Review
Once we have received the entire package of required documents, Portland Parks & Recreation will begin a comprehensive review of your application. Depending on the complexity or extent of the project, review and issuing of a permit typically takes anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. Should the permit require approval of City Council, an additional 4 weeks should be anticipated.

Submission of an application for use of PP&R property does not necessarily guarantee that park land will be made available for the requested use.

If you have questions about the permit or the process, before or during the application process, contact Stephen Bouffard at 503-823-7720.

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