Non-Park Use Permit Application

Any construction work or staging on Portland Parks & Recreation property by any individual, organization, business, or agency - other than Portland Parks & Recreation or one of its contractors - requires a Non-Park Use Permit (NPUP) Application.

Approval process could take 4 to 12 weeks depending on the complexity of your request and parties involved.

Submission of an application does not guarantee the area will be made available for the requested use.

Before you apply, please gather information about your project. You will need:

  1. Maps of the area including the surrounding areas affected by the proposed project;
  2. Detailed plans of the finished work, including any trees that might be in the vicinity of your project; and
  3. Proof of insurance for all parties involved, with the construction or participation of your project.

Apply by online or by email, mail, or fax

Submit your permit application online

To apply by email, mail, or fax, complete one of the forms below.  


Mailing address

Portland Parks & Recreation, Property Management Group
1120 SW Fifth Avenue, Suite 858
Portland, OR 97204