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Join the Urban Forestry Commission

Joining the Urban Forestry Commission (UFC) is one of the most effective ways community members can help advocate and care for our city’s urban forest!

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Portland Urban Forestry Marks 45 Years as Tree City USA

The Arbor Day Foundation has awarded Portland its 45th Tree City USA Award, 25th Growth Award, and 3rd Tree Cities of the World Award. These programs recognize high achievement in municipal tree programs nationally and globally.

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PP&R study shows Portland's urban forest is in decline since 2015

Findings show first tree canopy decline since 2000; tree preservation and planting efforts remain top City priority.

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PP&R celebrates our teammates - meet Director Adena Long

This is a profile of PP&R Director Adena Long. It's part of a series that highlights our staff as part of PP&R's commemoration of Black History Month (February).

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Portland Parks & Recreation offers tree care tips for winter

Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R)’s Urban Forestry division staff say that the approach of winter is an important time to care for trees in your home and adjacent right-of-way.

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Join PP&R at a family-friendly tree planting kickoff event and Arbor Day celebration

Arts and crafts, hundreds of tree plantings in SE Portland’s Lents Park and neighborhood

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Free yard trees for all Portlanders continue mission of PP&R’s Urban Forestry

Five yard tree giveaway events begin September 25, 2021, where Portland neighbors can register in advance for free trees for their yard. This is part of Portland Parks & Recreation's mission to grow, preserve, and protect the city's urban forest.

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Barbara Walker Crossing over Burnside, adjacent trails reopened

Barbara Walker Crossing and the adjacent portions of PP&R’s Wildwood Trail closed in January 2021 to address fallen trees that required removal, plus structural evaluation of the bridge and repairs. Barbara Walker Crossing and adjacent trails were reopened on April 30, 2021. 

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Portland Urban Forestry Program Earns Global Recognition

Portland's volunteers put in more hours (over 7000) than any other US city! Urban Forestry is not the only one that noticed your hard work. The Arbor Day Foundation has awarded Portland its 44th Tree City USA Award, 24th Growth Award, and 2nd Tree Cities of the World Award.

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Portland Parks & Recreation Urban Forestry crews Respond to nearly 50 Tree Emergencies

Work continues to reopen roads, clear debris after a major windstorm. PP&R Urban Forestry staff are essential responders in keeping Portland moving and safe.

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