PP&R’s Urban Forestry Crews Ready to Respond to Winter Storm Tree Emergencies

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For the upcoming weekend winter storm event, 24 PP&R arborists on call available to respond to tree-related emergencies on City property.

(Portland, OR) -

Portland Parks & Recreation's experienced, certified experts have been out proactively maintaining trees right through this winter weather. Our professional arborists have assessed over 100 PP&R properties and done proactive maintenance at more than 55 parks since the new Park Tree Maintenance program (funded and made possible by the 2020 Parks Local Option Levy) began in early 2023.

A Portland Parks & Recreation arborist takes a break from clearing downed trees and branches to smile for the camera. She's wearing sunglasses and safety gear, with big trucks and equipment in the background.

During the weather events this week and ahead of the weekend we have had crews responding to downed trees in roads and sidewalks 24 hours a day - as well as crews working on City properties to continue to maintain and enhance City-managed trees. Most tree emergencies in roads/rights-of-way which the PP&R Urban Forestry Dept staff address are from trees which originated on private property - maintained by private property owners. PP&R Urban Forestry staff work year-round with our teammates at PBOT to keep roads open, and to keep Portland moving. We are watching and ready for whatever Mother Nature brings in the coming days.

For the upcoming weekend winter storm event, 24 PP&R arborists on call available to respond to tree-related emergencies on City property. Learn more about how PP&R's Urban Forestry crews tackle these problems here by viewing the video below!

How do you report a tree emergency on public property?

·     Call 503-823-TREE and push 1 for the fastest way to report tree emergencies on City property, including public streets and roads. For non-emergency tree-related questions matters, email trees@portlandoregon.gov

General maintenance involving trees on private property or on adjacent rights-of-way is the responsibility of the property owner. Call a commercial arborist for any tree-related issue on private land.

NOTE: If a tree emergency situation involves downed wires please contact your utility provider first. Portland Parks & Recreation Urban Forestry staff are unable to respond to emergencies involving trees until electrical hazards have been addressed. 

·         Please avoid calling for NON-emergency issues during severe weather as crews will be focused at that time on addressing issues involving major roads and thoroughfares in Portland, and will work their way down into neighborhood streets and roads.  

·         For info on what constitutes a tree emergency and more info to assist, please visit portland.gov/trees/tree-concerns-and-problems/tree-emergency  

About Portland Parks & Recreation’s Urban Forestry Department

The mission of PP&R’s Urban Forestry department is to manage and care for Portland's forest infrastructure in the city, for current and future generations. Our urban forest consists of 220,000 street trees, 1.2 million park trees, and about 2.9 million private property trees. Urban Forestry is involved in managing or regulating these trees to differing degrees – creating and implementing the City's Urban Forest Management Plan, fostering community tree awareness and stewardship, developing tree policies and programs, monitoring and assessing the urban forest, issuing permits for planting, pruning, and removal of public and some private trees, and responding to tree emergencies.