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New Skateboarding area planned for Southeast Portland’s Creston Park

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Portland Culture & Livability Commissioner Dan Ryan agreed with the Bureau that Creston Park was the best site; the surrounding area has the largest number of overall youth and of people of color out of the locations studied.

(Portland, OR) –

Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) announces that Creston Park, located at 4454 SE Powell Blvd., will be the site of a new public skatepark for the city. In December 2022, former Parks Commissioner Carmen Rubio announced $5 million in Parks System Development Charges (SDCs) for a new skate park in Southeast Portland. Following extensive research and comparison of several prospective locations through the bureau’s site selection criteria, Portland Culture & Livability Commissioner Dan Ryan agreed with the Bureau that Creston Park was the best site for the city’s newest skateboarding area.

A gray and gray-blue park sign reading "Creston Park" welcomes visitors to the site. It is made of painted wood on two posts, surrounded by leafy green trees and a walking path.
Portland Parks & Recreation's Creston Park on a spring day. The park will be the site of the city's newest public skateboarding area.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to enhance and improve a significant portion of Creston Park,” says Commissioner Ryan. “And the community interest is clear, with nearly 700 people responding to the Portland Parks & Recreation survey about what features and elements they want to see in a new skateboarding area. This project, funded by development fees, will make a big difference to a park that’s already a beloved community gathering place.”

SDC funds, the funding source for this project, are not tax dollars. They are one-time fees assessed on new development and can only be used to expand the capacity of the park system (for example, new park developments), not maintenance. SDC funds help ensure that Portland's quality of life keeps pace with our growing and changing city by providing the additional park and recreation facilities needed to accommodate growth.

“The skatepark coming to Creston Park will serve the largest number of people in a two-mile service area,” notes PP&R Director Adena Long. “And our data shows that this area has the largest number of overall youth and of people of color out of the locations we studied.”

The Bureau also considered Powell Park at 2500 SE Powell Blvd. and Glenwood Park, SE 87th Avenue and SE Claybourne St. as possible skatepark sites.

The Creston Park skateboarding project will now enter the design phase, with construction anticipated to start in 2025, and the grand opening possible in the spring of 2026.

Portland Parks & Recreation’s Level of Service Guidance Developed Parks and Natural Areas Study (LOS) identifies that every household in the city should be within two miles of a skatepark. Sixty-five percent of city households do not – the largest percentage gap of the 13 types of assets in the study. 

Creston Park currently includes an outdoor pool that is open in the summertime, a recently renovated playground via the 2014 Parks Replacement Bond, tennis courts, a large open lawn, a picnic area, a restroom building, and a parking lot. 

The most logical location for the new skatepark at Creston Park is the existing tennis court area east of the swimming pool. The tennis courts are in bad condition, and that site would offer space for a sizeable skatepark.

Planning and Construction Timeline (subject to change)

Conceptual Design and Analysis – Spring 2023 to Fall 2023

  • Construction Documentation – Winter 2023 to Spring 2024
  • Permitting and Bidding – Summer/Fall 2024 to Winter 2024
  • Construction – Spring/Summer 2025
  • Grand Opening – Spring 2026

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