Happy Earth Day from PP&R Director Adena Long

News Article
Conservation, environmental stewardship, and preservation are top priorities of Portland Parks & Recreation.

On this Earth Day, let’s celebrate the collective efforts we’ve made in the conservation and preservation of the trees, wildlife and ecosystems within Portland’s parks and natural areas. We at Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) continue to work with our community towards a vibrant, growing, and protected urban forest which builds the resilience of this City - while adapting to and helping mitigate the adverse effects of the climate crisis.

Portland Parks & Recreation cares for 1.2 million trees in Portland’s parks. There are 220,000 street trees in public roads and nearly three million trees on private property. PP&R’s Urban Forestry team facilitates the planting of thousands of new trees each year.

We operate 154 parks, approximately 3,000 acres.

We steward 73 natural areas, 8,000 acres and 120 miles of soft surface trails. PP&R also operates 59 Community Gardens.

In addition to this, we also work actively to inspire the next generation of environmentalists and nature protectors through our environmental education programs and forestry outreach.

This Earth Day, I want to thank all our partners and staff – and everyone who enjoys Portland’s natural areas, trees and trails of our park system; those who donate their time to volunteer efforts with PP&R - for your continuous support in preserving the green natural spaces under our care.

Happy Earth Day, Portland!

Director Adena Long
Portland Parks & Recreation