PP&R’s Laurelwood Park project is complete: New centerpiece park reopens in Foster-Powell neighborhood

Press Release
A photo of the (nearly complete) Laurelwood Park plaza and arbor, in front of the Historic Masonic Temple building.

Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) is excited to announce the reopening of the newly renovated Laurelwood Park at SE 64th Street and Foster Road is complete. The park is poised to become a central gathering spot for Foster-Powell neighbors.

“The renovated park is an instant neighborhood showcase and destination,” says Portland Parks Commissioner Carmen Rubio. “I look forward joining neighbors to enjoy the transformed, vibrant public space, as well as the cafes, restaurants, and other businesses along and near Southeast Foster Road.” 

“New lawn and plaza gathering areas, pathways, natural landscaping, and other features combine to create a unique and innovative public space,” says Portland Parks & Recreation Director Adena Long. “The newly refreshed Laurelwood Park will be a treasured open space for the community. It’s a shining example of enthusiastic public input informing a beautiful design and park, for current and for future park visitors.”


New pathways in the renovated Laurelwood Park extend from the plaza to provide connections to Foster Road and the adjacent property. The park design includes two lawn areas and three areas for new planting, plus a location designated to receive an art installation. PP&R is working with the Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC), and several members of the Foster-Powell community on the artist selection process. Once an artist is selected, they will begin work on a piece that will likely be placed in the park near the apex of the property where Foster Road and Holgate Blvd come together.

The plaza and arbor along SE Holgate will act as both a gathering place to enjoy coffee or lunch, and a community centerpiece. The seating walls extend through the plaza and throughout the park to provide places to rest and reflect, and they offer a buffer from nearby busy roadways.

The Laurelwood Park community chose the design concept for the 2013 Laurelwood Park Master Plan, one centered around a new plaza, plantings, and landscaping, and anchored along SE Holgate Boulevard. In June 2019, the late former Parks Commissioner Nick Fish allocated $1.4 million from System Development Charges (SDC)s to make the vision a reality.

System Development Charges (SDCs) are one-time fees assessed on new development. SDCs help ensure that Portland's quality of life keeps pace with our growing and changing city by providing additional parks and recreation facilities needed to accommodate growth.

For more project information, please visit portland.gov/parks/construction/laurelwood-park-project.


Park Location or Entrance
SE 64th Street and Foster Road
Portland, OR 97206