Barbara Walker Crossing over Burnside, adjacent trails reopened

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Barbara Walker Crossing in January 2021, when it sustained damage from a landslide and falling trees.
Barbara Walker Crossing and the adjacent portions of PP&R’s Wildwood Trail closed in January 2021 to address fallen trees that required removal, plus structural evaluation of the bridge and repairs. Barbara Walker Crossing and adjacent trails were reopened on April 30, 2021. 

Barbara Walker Crossing was reopened on April 30, 2021. 

(Portland, OR) -

The City expects that the Barbara Walker Crossing and the adjacent portions of Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R)’s Wildwood Trail will need to remain closed for about a week. We ask that people help us respond safely and swiftly to this emergency by staying out of the area. Before the trail and bridge can safely open, PGE must complete their work to alleviate any electrical safety issues, Portland Parks & Recreation Urban Forestry crews must remove all trees and branches, and the City must complete a structural engineering assessment on the bridge, which is stationed above West Burnside. PP&R will post updates on social media and on our Trail Closures page,

PP&R Urban Forestry estimates that work to safely remove the fallen trees in the area may take two days, but that is an estimate. Urban Forestry crews have received nearly 100 reports of tree emergencies citywide and thank Portlanders for their patience while they work to address them all, with attention to the largest impacts first.

Please call 503-823-TREE if you see a tree emergency anywhere on public roads or City property in Portland. With multiple emergencies, the City prioritizes those which affect the most people first, mitigating hazards and clearing major roads and thoroughfares for emergency vehicle use. Crews work their way from the largest boulevards to smaller roads and streets. Please remain on the lookout for Portland Parks & Recreation tree crews and for unexpected hazards, such as downed trees or branches which have not yet been addressed.

For any issues on PP&R trails, please email