All Outdoor Parks, Natural Areas, and Trails have Reopened

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Foley Balmer Natural Area Bridge
Areas previously closed due to fire concerns have now reopened to the public.

Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) is happy to announce that all parks, natural areas, and trails have been reopened to the public. On September 10, 2020, the Mayor's office, with the support of Parks Commissioner Amanda Fritz and Fire Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty, issued and then extended an emergency declaration that closed several natural areas and trails due to an extreme threat of fire, through October 8.

Rising temperatures and other impacts of climate change mean that the threat of summer wildfires in Portland’s natural areas will likely to continue for years to come. The closures were put in place to protect the lives of Portlanders living in and adjacent to these natural areas, and to preserve our community's natural resources.


Effective immediately, with the support of Parks Commissioner Amanda Fritz and Fire Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty, Mayor Ted Wheeler has amended his Emergency Declaration to open all outdoor parks and natural areas except for designated wildland fire areas of concern.

The State of Emergency declared on September 10, 2020, within the City of Portland under Portland City Code Section 15.04 is extended until Noon on October 8, 2020, unless otherwise extended, modified, or terminated.

The following parks or natural area fire concern areas are CLOSED until further notice:

  • Beggars Tick Marsh
  • Buttes Natural Area
  • Colwood Natural Area
  • Cross Levee Natural Area
  • Deardorff Creek Natural Area
  • Forest Park
  • Foster Floodplain Natural Area
  • Gateway Green
  • Indian Creek Natural Area
  • Kelley Point Park
  • Mitchell Creek Natural Area
  • Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refugee
  • Peninsula Crossing Trail
  • Powell Butte Lower Floodplain
  • Powell Butte Nature Park
  • Powers Marine Park
  • Rocky Butte Natural Area
  • Springwater Corridor
  • Terwilliger Parkway - Buhler Cutoff area
  • Wahoo Creek Natural Area

How you can help?
When parks do reopen to the public, report all trail concerns such as downed trees or other safety issues to the new PP&R trails team email at Your feedback and on-the-ground reporting help us to keep our parks maintained and safe for everyone. We look forward to hearing from you!