New Bond-funded bridges complete in Southwest Portland parks

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(Portland, OR) -

The funded new bridges at our Foley-Balmer Natural Area (pictured) and Marshall Park which just opened to the public.

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Neighbors in Southwest Portland, as well as Portland Parks & Recreation natural areas staff, are delighted. Both bridges had been out of service for several years. The crossings provide not just a connection within these two natural areas, they are also usually heavily by people on foot to travel safely through the Marshall Park neighborhood - which is currently lacking in sidewalks.

The bridges' design borrows from Bond-funded bridge replacements on the Lower Macleay, Maple, and Wildwood Trails in Forest Park. It is visually appealing, with steel railings, Alaskan cedar handrails, and fiberglass decking to create bridges that are beautiful, long-lasting, and easy to maintain.

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