Final Yard Tree Giveaway event is Saturday, 11/3/18

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(Portland, OR) – 

Portland Parks & Recreation’s Urban Forestry division is proud to present the Second Annual Yard Tree Giveaway to help increase Portland’s tree canopy and continue fostering a healthy urban forest. To expand Portland’s tree canopy in east Portland - where it is currently below other parts of the City - this year’s events are held in the Centennial and Lents neighborhoods.

The second and final event for this fall is Saturday, November 3, 2018 from 9am-1pm at Bloomington Park in the Lents neighborhood. Urban Forestry distributed about 300 yard trees to neighbors at the first giveaway event on Saturday, October 13, 2018, at Parklane Park in the Centennial neighborhood.

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Urban Forestry translated the event flyer and materials into Spanish, Vietnamese, and Russian to better and more equitably serve Portland’s diverse communities. Please see the attached or this link for materials in languages other than English. Yard tree giveaway info is online at  

“Trees are part of Portland’s history and heritage,” said Portland Parks Commissioner Nick Fish. “They keep stormwater out of our local rivers, clean our air, and make our neighborhoods greener. I’m proud that Portland Parks & Recreation is helping bring more trees to our City, especially in East Portland.”

Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) Urban Forestry's Yard Tree Giveaway provides free trees for neighbors to plant on private property. Portland Parks & Recreation Urban Forestry gave away 567 trees to Portlanders in 2017, and 63% of the trees went to people who identified as belonging to low-income households. Trees offer many benefits including cleaning the air, cooling the city during the summer months, and providing homes for birds, bees, and other wildlife. The species offered at the events will focus on large form, native, and evergreen species. Some medium size trees will also be available for smaller yards. 

The trees are expected to go quickly at the final event of 2018, and neighbors are encouraged to register and reserve a tree today.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 2018(REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Click here to register!)

Bloomington Park, SE 100th Avenue and Steele Street, Portland, Oregon 97266 (MAP)

  • 9:00am - 1:00pm: reserved pick-up only.
  • 1:00pm - 2:00pm: first-come, first-served basis, if trees are still available.


  • Trees are for planting on private property in front, side or back yards (trees may not be planted in containers or in the sidewalk as street trees)
  • Trees must be planted within the City of Portland
  • Limit of two trees per household
  • Trees are not to be used for planting permit requirements

Check our website for updates to the events at

For more information, please contact

Portland Parks & Recreation UrbanForestry

The mission of PP&R’s Urban Forestry division is to manage and care for Portland's forest infrastructure in the City, for current and future generations. Our urban forest consists of 220,000 street trees, 1.2 million park trees, and innumerable private property trees. Urban Forestry is involved in managing or regulating these trees to differing degrees- creating and implementing the City's Urban Forest Management Plan, fostering community tree awareness and stewardship, developing tree policies and programs, monitoring and assessing the urban forest, issuing permits for planting, pruning, and removal of public and some private trees, and responding to tree emergencies. 

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