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Traffic Alert: Landslide remediation requires lane closures on SW Mill Street Terrace, Jan. 4-8, 2016

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(Portland, OR) –

Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) will begin erosion control work at the Frank L Knight property (between SW Montgomery and SW Mill St. Terrace) beginning Monday, January 4, 2016. Work is expected to last up to one week, within a window of 7am-5pm. The purpose of this effort is to address the impacts of the recent landslide, plus to make efforts designed to prevent further erosion. The repair work may require the use of heavy equipment, including excavators, dump trucks, and other equipment which is deemed necessary.

How will this affect drivers and neighbors?
We are anticipating the use of NW Mill St. Terrace as part of the contractor’s staging and work areas for the extent of the repair project. To allow equipment to do work on the narrow Mill St. Terrace, flaggers may be on site to facilitate access and services to the upper part of NW Mill St. Terrace. We hope the job takes 3-5 days, but neighbors and drivers should be prepared for up to a full week of work in this area. Neighbors will be able to access and go to and from their homes, as the work will mostly only require lane closures rather than a full road closure. However, NW Mill St. may experience full closures periodically, up to 20 minutes, to allow for dump truck loading. The Bureau anticipates that a dump truck and trailer may be parked overnight on the shoulder of NW Montgomery, for the duration of the project.

What else?
Though the outcomes stated above will have a positive effect on the nearby natural area and the neighborhood, we recognize you may experience some inconvenience during the repair process. Please be prepared for temporary parking, street and sidewalk closures in various places as this work proceeds.

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