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City of Portland Implements New Tree Program and Regulations – Effective January 2, 2015

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(Portland, OR) –

The City of Portland’s Title 11 Tree Code regulations will go into effect on Friday, January 2, 2015.  The Tree Project, including the new Code adopted by Portland City Council in 2011, is managed collaboratively by the Bureau of Development Services and Portland Parks & Recreation.

The Tree Project provides: 

  • Implementation of the City's tree regulations adopted by City Council in 2011
  • Streamlined regulations for more consistency, clarity and ease
  • Greater protection of trees
  • Improved enforcement of tree rules
  • A single starting point for both the general public and contractors seeking information and permits

The Tree Code regulations are intended to enhance Portland’s urban forest.   They are designed to provide consistent and clear tree-related information and permitting processes for both contractors and the general public.  The regulations will apply to permitting and construction-related activities, and also to tree removal and pruning on private property and in public right-of-way planting areas. 

“Portland’s tree canopy is one of the factors that makes our city such a wonderful place to live, work, and play,” says City Commissioner Amanda Fritz, who oversees both PP&R and BDS.  “The Portland Tree project and the new regulations will help increase the number and health of trees, which will reduce air pollution and stormwater runoff, and increase home values while expanding wildlife habitat.  The key new information for Portlanders is, ‘Call before you cut!’  Call 503-823-TREE to find out how the new standards may affect your tree planting, pruning, or removal plans.”

For more information, including specific tree regulations, please visit:


You may also call 503-823-TREE or email trees@portlandoregon.gov for tree regulation and permitting questions, and to report fallen trees in city streets.

In person:

You may inquire about tree permitting at the City Development Service Center (DSC), 1900 SW 4th Avenue.

"Call before you cut!”

After January 2, 2015, please remember to “call before you cut” - 503-823-TREE (8733) 


Portland’s trees have many benefits.  Trees reduce air pollution and filter stormwater run-off before it enters the wastewater treatment system.  Trees absorb carbon from the atmosphere, provide shade, and decrease the amount of summer heat in the urban environment.  They provide recreation and wildlife habitat; and make neighborhoods more livable.  The new City Tree Regulations help ensure that Portland’s urban forest will continue to provide benefits for future generations.


The new Tree Code regulations are the outcome of the Citywide Tree Policy Review and Regulatory Improvement Project, approved by City Council in May, 2011.  This was a comprehensive and inclusive project that involved multiple community and City bureau stakeholders. Implementation of the new regulations was delayed until now due to the economic recession.

In addition to the “call before you cut” telephone line 503-823-TREE (8733), please visit the Portland Trees Webpage, or email the program with questions at trees@portlandoregon.gov.  You can also visit the City’s Development Services Center to speak with an Urban Forestry representative in person and to apply for any needed permits.