Trail Closures and Delays

Trail Closures and Delays
Be aware that snow, rain, and wind can leave trails and roads a bit of a mess with hazards like downed trees, landslides, and flooding. Portland Parks & Recreation addresses weather-related impacts as soon as resources allow.
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This page was updated on April 10, 2024.

Please see Portland Parks & Recreation's Inclement Weather Policy for additional closure information during extreme weather. 

Trail issues
Contact to report trail hazards or failures.

Report a Trail Hazard or Failure

Tree issues
Call 503-823-TREE to report tree emergencies on public roads or City property. 

Report a Tree Emergency

Council Crest Park

4T/Marquam Trail: Summit Trail to Council Crest Connector
Due to large, downed trees and trail damage, the 4T/Marquam Trail is closed in Council Crest Park from Summit Trail to the Connector Trail. Please use the detour on Summit Trail. For your safety and that of PP&R staff, please respect trail closures and use other trails in the area.

4T/Marquam Trail: Highway 26 to SW Patton Road
The 4T/Marquam Trail from the south side of Highway 26 to Patton Road is closed due to downed trees. Portland General Electric is in the area assessing and addressing the situation. For your safety and the efficiency of the crews responding to this issue, please respect the trail closure and stay out of this area.

Forest Park

Maple Trail
Effective immediately, Maple Trail is closed between Firelane 4 and Koenig Trail due to severe storm damage that has made the bridge crossing unsafe. We will be deploying crews out to assess the bridge conditions and install closure signage and barricades. Please do your part by respecting the closure and staying out of this area for now. Thank you! 

Ridge Trail parking area on NW Bridge Avenue
The Ridge Trail parking area on NW Bridge Avenue is closed indefinitely due to safety concerns. This area presents significant safety issues, including falling rock and inadequate space for pedestrians to walk safely along NW Bridge Avenue between the parking area and the trailhead. For your safety, please access the Ridge Trail by bus, bicycle, or walking; or, if you must drive, park your vehicle on the east side of the St. Johns Bridge and proceed across the bridge to the trail. 

Wildwood Trail at mile 11.8
There is a bridge out on the Wildwood Trail at mile 11.8. Please use the detour on Nature and Chestnut Trails to bypass the closure. 

Wildwood Trail at mile 15.2
Caution: There is a stepped bypass route to the bridge on the Wildwood Trail at mile 15.2. The bridge is closed. Please use caution at this temporary crossing and do not use the bridge.

River View Natural Area

Trail 3 and Trail 6

Closures: Trail 3, in the southeast corner of River View Natural Area, is closed due to a catastrophic trail failure where it crosses Stream 6. The area is extremely unstable. Additionally, a segment of Trail 6 is closed due to an unstable drainage crossing. Please see map for details.

Map showing Trail 3 and Trail 6 closures in River View Natural Area

Willamette Greenway Trail 

For safety and security purposes, at the request of the McCormick Pier Condominium Association, a temporary permit has been issued through January 31, 2025 for the closure of east-west access to the Willamette Greenway Trail at the McCormick Condominiums property and a reduction in public access hours for the same north-south section of trail.

pictured is the Broadway Bridge and the Willamette Greenway Trail. The area restricted/closed area is highlighted.
Pictured is the Willamette Greenway Trail with the closed area highlighted.

Inclement Weather Policy

Please see Portland Parks & Recreation's Inclement Weather Policy for additional closure information during extreme weather.  

Portland Parks & Recreation’s developing civil rights page offers information related to making programming more accessible and inclusive.


Soft Surface Trails Program


Forest Park

Natural Area

Springwater Corridor

Natural Area
Park Location or Entrance
SE Ivon Street to Boring, Oregon
Portland, OR
Park Location or Entrance
N Willamette Blvd to Columbia Blvd
Portland, OR 97203
Park Location or Entrance
SE 7th Avenue and Sellwood Blvd
Portland, OR 97202

Marquam Nature Park

Natural Area
Park Location or Entrance
SW Marquam Street and Sam Jackson Park Road
Portland, OR 97201