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Be aware that snow, rain, and wind can leave trails and roads a bit of a mess with hazards like downed trees, landslides, and flooding. Portland Parks & Recreation addresses weather-related impacts as soon as resources allow.
Portland Parks & Recreation's Stewardship Coordinators are eager to help you connect with your local natural areas. Contact us today to find out how you can get involved!

Friends Groups

Friends groups are made up of volunteers, neighbors, coworkers, and park lovers who come to a natural area or park on a regular basis (sometimes monthly, sometimes quarterly) to do hands-on restoration with the support of Portland Parks & Recreation staff.
Portland Parks & Recreation posts information on closures, delays, and cancellations affecting our sites and programs during inclement weather.
The mission of the PP&R Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program is to manage pests that are harmful to the health, function or aesthetic value of park landscapes in an efficient, effective, and environmentally responsible manner, while paying careful attention to public and employee safety.

Natural Areas

Portland Parks & Recreation has developed a Natural Area Acquisition Strategy to guide completion of a connected system of natural areas in Portland.

Nature Patches

Portland Parks & Recreation's Ecologically Sustainable Landscapes Initiative adds nature patches to park landscapes that provide natural experiences for people and habitat for wildlife. Nature patches are natural gardens that support native pollinators and offer opportunities for exploration.

No Ivy League

Since 1994, No Ivy League has worked tirelessly to empower youth, educate the public, and remove English ivy from Portland's parks.
To better understand the values of people who are engaging in environmental stewardship of natural areas, a Masters student from Portland State University explored topics like volunteer's motivation to participate, their sustainable behaviors, and attitudes toward stewardship-related ideas.

Portland Trails

Portland is home to a network of regional trails perfect for hiking, biking, and exploring the city's natural beauty. This page contains a link to all Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) trails, trail maps, transit options, and more.

Renew Forest Park

Renew Forest Park is an initiative that includes three critical pillars: Restore, Rebuild, and Reconnect.


Every season brings different opportunities to connect to nature right outside your door! We will be adding resources to this page as they are created. Please visit this site frequently for new information.
PP&R's management of the Portland park system serves as an outstanding example of exemplary management of an urban public recreation and natural area resource.
Outdoor nature education programs for students, classrooms, community organizations, or clubs. Programs last 1-3 hours and take place in neighborhood parks and natural areas.

The Ivy Files

Browse the content below to learn more about our No Ivy League work.

The Know Ivy League

Breaking down barriers and expanding understanding.
Help keep Portland's natural areas healthy, beautiful, and safe for people and wildlife!
Statistics and outcomes of the Youth Conservation Crew in 2018
The Youth Conservation Crew (YCC) provides employment opportunities for a diverse population of Portland-area youth. Crews protect, restore, and manage Portland's parks and natural areas while developing job skills and exploring environmental career paths.

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