Kelley Point Park beach litter pick up

Volunteer Event

Join PP&R and SOLVE for the Pick it Up Portland weekend to clean up litter at Kelley Point Park!

Event Details: Join PP&R and SOLVE for the Pick It Up Portland weekend! We will be picking up litter off the sandy beaches of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers at Kelley Point Park. During the summer months, there are thousands of visitors who come to Kelley Point park. Unfortunately this also means more litter on the beaches during the peak summer season. Come enjoy a morning walk on the beach and help keep this natural area healthy for wildlife and humans alike!

Volunteers are asked to bring their own face coverings and to wear them during the event, however PP&R will provide extra if needed. Please dress for the weather, wear sturdy shoes, and bring your own personal water bottle and snacks. PP&R will provide litter grabbers and disposable gloves (you may also bring your own cloth gloves if you have them). 

Registration Required: Please register ahead of time. The day before the event, please complete this brief online health survey: If you are not able to register online, please contact Yoko Silk directly. Due to COVID19 considerations, we are limiting group size and ask that all adults pre-register. 

Meet at: the last parking lot on Kelley Point Park road (also considered the main entrance). 

Questions: Contact Yoko Silk at or call/text 503-278-1341

Thank you for your interest in volunteering to keep Portland's natural area parks healthy, beautiful, and safe for people and wildlife!  
Here are a few tips to get you ready for your stewardship event. 

  • Registration is required for all stewardship events.   

  • Complete a health screening (brief online survey) the day before attending each event:   

  • Please volunteer close to home or in your community.   

  • Stay home if you are experiencing symptoms of any contagious illness or have had recent contact with someone exhibiting symptoms of any illness.   

  • Bring a face covering to be worn at the event and maintain at least 6 feet physical distance from others. PP&R will provide face coverings for anyone who doesn’t have their own.     

  • Volunteers are encouraged to bring their own gloves, water and snacks. If you have your own tools, feel free to bring those as well. PP&R will provide tools and gloves for anyone who does not have their own, and training for the days activity.  

  • In order to ensure your comfort and safety, please remember to dress for the weather, wear close-toed shoes, bring a water bottle, and be ready to get dirty!  

  • Unless otherwise noted, all events are family-friendly and all ages are welcome to participate. However, children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult for the duration of the event. We encourage you to attend events with members of your household/family!   

  • While groups are welcome to join many of our regularly scheduled stewardship events, please contact the event coordinator listed in the description before arriving with a large group. This will ensure that there are enough gloves and tools for everyone to work. We are also available to schedule special service events at your group's convenience during the week or on weekends. Learn more about programs for groups