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Portland Parks & Recreation's Stewardship Coordinators are eager to help you connect with your local natural areas. Contact us today to find out how you can get involved!

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Portland Parks & Recreation's Stewardship Coordinators are eager to help you connect with your local natural areas. Contact us today to find out how you can get involved!

Susan Hawes - Johnson Creek Watershed 

Parks and natural areas in inner SE and outer SE Portland

Susan works with Partner Organizations and Volunteers in the Johnson Creek Watershed in southeast Portland. She has a degree in Cultural Ecology from Linfield College, performed botany surveys in the Pacific Northwest for more than ten field seasons, and has managed volunteer programs for land management-oriented non-profits and government entities since 2000. As an AmeriCorps service member for two years in Portland-Vancouver, she became familiar with many of Portland's natural areas. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest cultivated her love of everything outdoors--even the rain!--and inspires her to connect fellow Portlanders with local natural areas and parks in ways that are meaningful to them. In her free time she likes to garden, fiddle, hike (which to her means walking while checking out plants), give massages as a state-licensed massage therapist, and play with her cat, Middie.

Mary Verrilli - Westside watersheds

Parks and natural areas in SW and NW Portland

Mary works in parks on the west side of the Willamette River. She has a bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies from Keene State College and has been engaging youth in environmental education and restoration projects in Oregon with non-profits since 2007. She has been working closely with the PP&R No Ivy League program since 2008 and currently manages this program. Mary enjoys connecting and educating youth and volunteers of all ages to Portland's natural areas while seeing ecological transformations occur in our parks. In her free time, Mary enjoys gardening, backpacking, canoeing, cooking, and listening to live music.

Yoko Silk - Columbia Slough Watershed 

Parks and natural areas in N and NE Portland

Yoko works in parks and natural areas in the Columbia Slough watershed in North and Northeast Portland. She has over 14 years of youth work and outdoor education experience, including time as an environmental educator, a backpacking instructor and raft guide, and as a caseworker at a crisis shelter for homeless and runaway teens. Yoko has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Oregon. In 2010, Yoko joined the Parks family as the lead teacher for the Jr GRUNT program with the Environmental Education department. Yoko is passionate about connecting people to nature and is committed to serving under-represented communities and creating opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to engage in nature in meaningful and impactful ways. In her free time, Yoko enjoys going on outdoor adventures, playing cello, juggling, and rock-climbing.

David Grandfield - Willamette River Watershed

Parks and natural areas close to the Willamette River   

David joined Portland Parks & Recreation in the summer of 2015 as a Seasonal Maintenance Worker for the East Side Natural Area Stewardship and Regional Trails Programs. In the summer of 2015, he was the Tree Crew Leader for PP&R’s Youth Conservation Crew. After completing the YCC season he joined Urban Forestry’s Outreach and Education team to draft YCC reports and create work plans for future YCC crews. In 2017, he accepted a limited term appointment as a horticulturist with horticulture services. For 14 months, David managed the maintenance and design of the “Mall Pot” flower and perennial planters downtown along the TriMet MAX line, as well as Union Train Station.

Since joining PP&R, David has been inspired by our equity and inclusion goals. He hopes to continue to be a mentor for youth in our Environmental Education programs. David holds an associate’s degree in Botany from Lane Community College in Eugene, as well as a horticulture degree from Oregon State University in Corvallis. His long term professional aspirations are to continue connecting marginalized groups to nature, urban ecology, food production systems, and land stewardship. He spends his free time sewing clothes, performing with a vogue-style dance team, and competing in Portland’s queer ballroom scene.


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Mary Verrilli

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Yoko Silk

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