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Native Gathering Garden

Community garden

Brought to life through community vision, the Native Gathering Garden at Cully Park is a catalyst for strengthening our relationships with plants while healing places.

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By providing a space for community to gather, host cultural celebrations, and engage in Indigenous land practices, we are reclaiming the urban forest. This work is rooted in respecting and educating through Indigenous cultural values. We do this to honor those who came before us and tended this land, as well as to build upon our inheritance for future generations.

Portland Parks & Recreation invites you to stay connected to this Native Gathering Garden. If you are interested in receiving email updates about the garden or have any questions, please contact Native Gathering Garden Coordinator Nichole Bruno at nichole.bruno@portlandoregon.gov.

Accessibility Notes

Accessibility Information:Parking - Parking lot (50 cars total) - 4 designated ADA parking spaces (4 van) - Paved pathway to play area - 350 feet to Native Gathering Garden. 

Other Amenities - Two accessible Portland Loo restrooms - Accessible picnic area in Thomas Cully Park playground.

Size in acres


Year acquired



In 2000, City of Portland Parks and Recreation acquired a 25‐acre landfill in NE Portland’s Cully Neighborhood, designating it as the location for a new park: Cully Park. Nationwide, many landfills have been safely redeveloped into parks, so the site was a clear opportunity to address the Cully neighborhood’s lack of parks, healthy open space, and habitat. In 2008, a Master Plan was completed, but Portland Parks and Recreation had no funding to build the Park. Community action and outside resources were needed to bring a park to Portland’s most park‐deprived neighborhood.

A Public‐Private Partnership.

In 2012, Portland City Council approved the partnership, meaning that Verde could fundraise for, design and construct Cully Park: community garden; new access via NE 72nd Greenstreet; off‐leash dog area; parking lot; play area; trails; fitness course; overlook; habitat restoration; picnic areas; youth soccer field; and the Native Gathering Garden. Together, Verde and Portland Parks raised over $13 million to build Cully Park and the Native Gathering Garden.

Located within

Park Location or Entrance

Native Gathering Garden main entrance
North of NE 72nd Avenue and Killingsworth Street
Portland, OR 97218

Open hours

All days: 5:00am - 12:00am


Nichole Bruno

Native Gathering Garden Coordinator



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