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Natural Area Stewardship Annual Report

Portland Parks & Recreation’s Natural Areas Stewardship program works with volunteers of all ages to restore and enhance Portland’s parks and natural areas. Thanks to the efforts of our volunteers and partners, Portland’s natural areas benefited from the following positive impacts this fiscal year.

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Fiscal Year July 2018—June 2019

A graphic illustrating the success of the 688 events in 44 Parks and Natural areas in fiscal year 2018-2019..

 "PP&R Natural Areas Stewardship engages young people with relevant, culturally responsive experiences that help foster awareness of environmental justice. Providing our students exposure to paid internships and job opportunities, combined with the experience to be competitive candidates, allows our partnership to further move the needle towards equity and representation in green industries."

-Jason Stroman, Program Coordinator, Blue Print Foundation


In FY 2018-2019, Natural Areas Stewardship supported over 17 community initiated grants to implement ecological enhancement projects, community science, and education in PP&R natural areas.

Stewardship coordinators partnered with over 120 groups, including:

  • 46 schools (public, charter, private, job training)
  • 43 community organizations/non-profits
  • 16 friends groups and neighborhood associations
  • 9 business/corporate groups
  • 7 government agencies

Natural Areas Stewardship supports the work of other City of Portland programs. In FY 2018-2019, Natural Area Stewardship coordinators hosted:

  • 6 events in collaboration with PP&R Native Gathering Garden
  • 12 events in collaboration with PP&R Ecological Sustainable Landscape Initiative
  • 10 events with PP&R Environmental Education (including field trips and GRUNT programs)
  • 81 stewardship field trips with the Bureau of Environmental Services Clean Rivers Education


Stewardship Coordinators support long-term mentorship and career opportunities for young people by collaborating with multiple internship programs. In FY 2018-2019, Natural Areas Stewardship provided support to programs like Audubon TALON and the Green Workforce Collaborative, plus hosted:

  • 2 interns from the PP&R Environmental Education Teen Program
  • 6 interns from the Lents Youth Initiative
  • 1 intern from the Friends of Trees Adult Urban Forestry Training & Internship Program

In addition, Stewardship Coordinators sponsored 2 paid PP&R Youth Conservation Crews (YCC) for eight weeks in the summer, helping to provide job skills and networking opportunities to 18 young environmental leaders.

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