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About Marquam Nature Park

Marquam Nature Park includes a portion of the Marquam Trail, a linear trail and connection in the 40-mile Loop system, that starts at Willamette Park, passes over Council Crest, and connects with the Wildwood Trail in Washington Park. This natural area park supports an abundance of native plant species, and contains many trails that wind around Marquam Hill, through trees such as Douglas fir, western hemlock, red cedar, and bigleaf maples. There is a shelter with interpretive displays and maps near the entrance.

Friends of Marquam Nature Park

This park is maintained with the volunteer assistance of the Friends of Marquam Nature Park

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Philip A. Marquam, originally from Baltimore, Maryland, came to Portland via California in 1851. He practiced law and invested in real estate, including the Fulton District, Marquam Hill, and what is now part of Riverview Cemetery. He became a judge in 1862 and a state legislator in 1882. According to The Oregonian on April 2, 1934, Marquam was "one of Portland's picturesque pioneers, prominent in the legal, economic, sporting, educational, and theatrical history of Portland."

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Marquam Nature Park main entrance
SW Marquam Street and Sam Jackson Park Road
Portland, OR 97201

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Park hours: 5:00am-midnight

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