Lillis-Albina Park

Lillis Albina Park
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Lillis-Albina Park is a gem of greenspace next to Harriet Tubman Middle School.

The NE entrance to Lillis-Albina Park has a lovely garden.

The central sports fields are surrounded by a nature patch created from 2018-2023. The garden features Pacific Coast Hybrid Irises, Seaside Daisy, Thimbleberry, Mahonia, Rockrose, Manzanita, and much more.

Learn more about Nature Patches in Portland
Portland Parks & Recreation is adding nature patches to developed park landscapes to provide natural experiences for people and habitat for wildlife. Nature patches are unique natural garden spaces that support native pollinators and offer fun opportunities for education and exploration.

Year acquired
Size in acres

Until 1947, this was known as Albina Park, since it is in what was once the City of Albina. In 1941, some residents requested that the park be renamed Mike Lillis Park. Michael Edward Lillis was a police officer on the Albina Park beat who was well-liked in that neighborhood. He had been a strong advocate for the park and the children in that area. Other neighbors felt that the park should keep its original name. In 1947, there was a compromise and since then the park has been named Lillis-Albina Park.

Park Location or Entrance

N Flint Avenue and Russell Street
Portland, OR 97227

Open hours

Park hours: 5:00am-midnight

To reserve a sports field, call 503-823-2525.

Park amenities/activities

Picnic Table
Soccer Field
Softball Field
Nature Patch

Park policy

  • All dogs must be leashed in this park.


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