Lend a Paw and Get Involved

PP&R encourages dog owners to become active in their off-leash communities, whether it’s by starting a stewardship group, organizing a clean-up or holding a fundraiser.

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Propose an Improvement

Improvements and suggestions may be offered via ParkScanonline or by calling 503-823-DOGS.

PP&R is not able to consider changes to or adding new off-leash areas at this time. The staff time, resources from various work groups to plan, design, build and maintain new sites and changes are beyond our current capacity.  When new parks are designed, we do consider whether an off-leash area would be appropriate at that time.  Creation of a new off-leash area in that context would be funded as part of the new park’s development process.

Report a Problem

Reporting maintenance issues or conflicts at off-leash areas helps PP&R keep parks and off-leash areas safe.

  • Have a general comment or question? Call the Dog information line at 503-823-DOGS.
  • Maintenance concerns may be reported via ParkScanonline or by calling 503-823-DOGS.
  • Altercations or leash and scoop law violations may be reported by calling the Park Rangers at 503-823-1637. If an injury or emergency situation is occurring, always call 9-1-1.

For more ideas, check out the Stewardship Toolbox or contact Off-Leash Program staff at 503-823-DOGS or online.