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Leash and Scoop Law Compliance

Leash laws ensure dogs are controlled by their owners at all times, which keeps people and other dogs safe, and protects park land and wildlife. Removal of dog waste prevents spread of disease that waste can carry, and avoids impacts to recreational use, water quality, wildlife, and vegetation.
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Leash Pets and Scoop Poop to Keep Parks Healthy! 

Portland’s parks, natural areas and trails are extensively used for all types of recreation, and dog owners help keep parks safe and healthy for all visitors by obeying leash and scoop laws and rules.

Leash/Scoop Compliance Program 

Portland Parks & Recreation encourages compliance with leash and scoop laws through education, enforcement, and by providing off-leash areas (OLAs) for legal dog-owner recreation. Our efforts include: 

  • Education campaigns, such as Pet Health for Parks, Dogs for the Environment, and Pettiquette for Parks
  • In-park outreach visits
  • Developing park signs, presentations, and flyers to increase awareness and understanding of leash/scoop laws 
  • Park Ranger patrols, which use park warnings and citations to increase leash/scoop law compliance
  • Intensive outreach and enforcement efforts at parks where low compliance impacts park health, safety, or enjoyability
  • Special events like Flicks with Fido, and participating community and partner events like Doggie Dash and Aarf in the Park

Obeying Leash and Scoop Laws

Leashed dogs are welcome visitors in most Portland parks. Dog owners help keep parks fun and healthy for all visitors by obeying leash and scoop laws, following off-leash area rules of use, and complying with all and Park Rules and Multnomah County laws.

By law, dogs must always be on leash when not in a designated off-leash area. No dogs, on or off-leash, are allowed at Tanner Springs Park, Whitaker Ponds Nature Park, Foster Floodplain Natural Area, or the amphitheater at Mt. Tabor Park. 

You must carry a leash for each dog in your care, and keep pets leashed on the way to and from off-leash areas. At unfenced off-leash areas, boundary maps are posted. Familiarize yourself with the boundaries, and play with pets within the designated area only. 

Law also requires that pet waste must be picked up and disposed of in a trash can. Being in an off-leash area does not exempt owners or handlers from obeying scoop laws. Scoop bags are not supplied, so bring bags with you.  

Violation of leash or scoop laws will result in a fine of up to $150.