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John Luby Disc Golf Exploration Project

A goal basket for catching disc golf discs

In 2022, Portland Parks & Recreation staff surveyed and identified parks with available space to accommodate disc golf courses. John Luby Park was designated as a park that fit this need. A short, family friendly disc golf course is being proposed that would not affect the existing permanent pathways, playground, nature patch, or impede usage by other park users.

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Funding and Timeline (subject to change)

The whole construction of the project is estimated at under $20,000.

May 20, 2023 – Day of Disc Golf Event

June 18, 2023 – Survey closes

Summer 2023 – Community Feedback Reviewed, check webpage for updates

Proyecto de exploración de Disc Golf John Luby 

En 2022, el personal de Portland Parks & Recreation realizó una encuesta e identificó parques con espacio disponible para acomodar campos de Disc Golf. John Luby Park fue designado como un parque que satisfacía esta necesidad. Se está proponiendo un campo de Disco Golf corto y apto para familias que no afectaría los senderos permanentes existentes, el parque infantil, el parque natural ni impedirá el uso por parte de otros usuarios del parque. 

¡Queremos saber de usted! 

Considere tomar esta breve encuesta. 

Financiamiento y Cronograma (sujeto a cambios) 

Se estima que la construcción total del proyecto tendrá un costo de menos de $20,000. 

20 de mayo de 2023 - Evento del Día del Disc Golf 

18 de junio de 2023 - Cierre de la encuesta 

Verano de 2023 - Se revisará la retroalimentación de la comunidad. Visite la página web para obtener actualizaciones 

John Luby Park Nature Patch

John Luby Nature Patch Feb 2023
Thanks to the neighborhood for helping plant the patch!

This small natural garden space was created in 2023 in partnership with Portland's Bureau of Environmental Services. It features a pallet of Douglas Fir forest understory plants such as Snowberry, Sword Fern, Oregon Grape, Salal, Vine Maple, and Ocean Spray. The garden repurposed an underutilized and overshaded area of turf within the park's dense stand of Doug Fir.

Learn more about Nature Patches in Portland
Portland Parks & Recreation is adding nature patches to developed park landscapes to provide natural experiences for people and habitat for wildlife. Nature patches are unique natural garden spaces that support native pollinators and offer fun opportunities for education and exploration.

Learn about the history of the park

Year acquired
Size in acres

Accessibility Notes

Play Area

  • Engineered mulch surface
  • Rubberized surface for merry-go-round (no access path)
  • Ramp into play area

Play Equipment

  • Transfer station
  • Sensory play elements

Other Amenities

  • Accessible picnic table

Park Location or Entrance

NE 128th Avenue and Brazee Street
Portland, OR 97230

Open hours

Park hours: 5:00am-midnight

Park amenities/activities

Accessible Play Area
Nature Patch
Picnic Table
Paths (Paved)
Paths (Unpaved)


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