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Hoyt Arboretum

Hoyt Arboretum Redwood Grove
A museum of living trees. Founded in 1928 to conserve endangered species and educate the community, Hoyt Arboretum encompasses 190 ridge-top acres and 12 miles of hiking trails just minutes from downtown Portland.
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During National Forestry Week in 1928, the Forestry Committee of the Chamber of Commerce convinced the City Council to establish an arboretum in Washington Park to preserve evergreens for educational and recreational purposes. Multnomah County gave the Parks Bureau perpetual use of approximately 145 acres of land north of Washington Park for this purpose. It was named Hoyt Arboretum in honor of Ralph Warren Hoyt, the county commissioner who championed the formation of the arboretum.

Most of the collection is arranged in family groups: all the oaks are in one area and all of the redwoods are in another. Grouping by scientific classification, or taxonomic arrangement, was in vogue when the Arboretum was first laid out. In the 1930s, planners decided to use Fairview Boulevard to divide the conifers from the deciduous trees: conifers were planted on the west side and deciduous trees on the east.

Hoyt Arboretum’s plant collection contains 6,000 individual trees and shrubs, representing 2,000 different species from around the world. A publically available database allows the user to search for plants by family genus, species, common name and location in the arboretum. Plant Database

Accessibility Notes

Parking for cars is very limited in Washington Park, especially during warm, sunny weekends. About 40% of all visitors skip the parking and arrive by rideshare, walking, biking, or using TriMet transit service. Once you’re in the park, use the free seasonal shuttle to explore the park.

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4000 SW Fairview Blvd
Portland, OR 97221

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Park hours: 5:00am-9:30pm.

The parking lot and access roads are closed at 9:30pm.

To reserve a picnic area, call 503-823-2525. Picnic Site Maps and Info

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Expected Grand Opening Late Summer 2023

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