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Glenwood Park

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Glenwood Park Restrooms Project

Thanks to the passage of the Parks Replacement Bond, funds were available to renovate the restrooms at Glenwood Park, including re-configuring interior walls and floor to provide an ADA-compliant restroom and replacing exterior siding. The restrooms now have two all user restrooms with single occupancy.

Additional ADA improvements included repairing the pathway from SE 89th Avenue to provide an ADA-compliant route and the addition of signage and a curb cut for a reserved ADA parking space on SE 89th Avenue.

Project Schedule

Spring 2016 - Summer 2016
Design Development

Summer 2016 - Spring 2017
Construction Documents, Permitting, and Bidding

July 2017 - Winter 2017/18

Accessibility Notes


  • Street parking
  • Paved pathway to play area with a slight slope
  • 200 feet to play area

Play Area

  • Engineered mulch surface
  • Rubberized surface for the merry-go-round
  • Ramp into the play area

Play Equipment

  • Transfer station
  • Sensory play elements

Other Amenities

  • Accessible restroom

Size in acres


Year acquired



In 2017-18, Glenwood Park’s restrooms were renovated with funding from the 2014 Parks Replacement Bond. Improvements included the addition of an ADA pathway and an ADA reserved parking space on SE 89th Avenue.

Park Location or Entrance

SE 87th Avenue and Claybourne Street
Portland, OR 97266

Open hours

Park hours: 5:00am-midnight

To reserve a sports field, call 503-823-2525.

Park amenities/activities

Accessible Play Area
Accessible Restroom
Baseball Field
Horseshoe Pit
Paths (Paved)
Paths (Unpaved)
Picnic Table
Soccer Field

City section