Gateway Green

Gateway Green Draft Design
Gateway Green provides a much-needed site for off-road cycling and other outdoor recreation in East Portland. The system of soft-surface and paved multi-use trails allow visitors to explore the unique site and connect to the regional trail and cycling network.
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Temporary Closure - A Better Red Construction

Due to construction of an improved TriMet MAX Red Line, the south end of the park will be closed September 7th, 2021 through late 2024. These partial closures will impact the south entrance, upper sections of Linda's Line trail, and upper sections of Rebar Ridge Trail. 

From our perspective, A Better Red means a better Gateway Green. The completion of the construction project will create better access among other benefits to park visitors. We appreciate visitors' patience as our partners proceed with their work, for the benefit of everyone around the region, including visitors to Gateway Green. 

During construction, access to the park will be available via the eastern Hub Entry, near the Pump Track. 

For more information, including renderings of park closures, please see the project page at Gateway Green.

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Temporary SKILLS AREA Closure

Full closure of the skills area at Gateway Green begins Friday, February 3rd.

In partnership with PP&R, International Mountain Bicycling AssociationStacy and Witbeck, Inc.
TriMetPBS Engineering and Environmental Inc. NWTA (Northwest Trail Alliance) is beginning the skills area revamp project at Gateway Green. Depending on the weather conditions, it is expected that the project will take up to 6 weeks. 

If you are interested in getting involved or have questions about the Skills Area Project, email

Trails and Pump Track

Gateway Green trails and pump tracks are open for use during regular park hours - 5:00 am - 9:00 pm. Please ride conscientiously and avoid damaging trails; please do not ride wet or soft soil trails until they heal from recent construction.

Visitor Access and Guidance

Help Gateway Green be a good neighbor:
  • Please, do not park in Maywood Park. Parking is available on-street around Gateway Transit Center.
  • Stay on pathways when outside the park.
  • Leave no trace – pack out what you pack in.

This park is car-free! Walkers and bicycle riders can reach the site via the Hub entry, on the eastern side of the park near the Pump Track. 

Dogs are required to be on a leash at all times in the park.

Wet Weather Rules
Please remember the following wet weather guidelines when riding; we need your help to keep Gateway Green’s trails and features in great shape during the Northwest winter. Scout the ride and use extra caution on wet or muddy days.

  • Single-track riders: stay off the trails following significant rain events (if you would leave a boot or tire track, don’t use the trails)
  • Jump-line riders: NO riding during muddy days
  • Skills area/ Pump track: No riding once mud begins to stick to wood features or on the pump track

Thanks for riding considerately and for keeping our parks safe and fun.

Year acquired
Size in acres

Accessibility Notes

Along I-205 bike/pedestrian path, north of Gateway Transit Center and south of Maywood Park. Plan on at least a ¼ mile walk to get to the site, as the only public access points are by bike or foot.

Park Location or Entrance

Along I-205 bike and pedestrian path
Portland, OR 97220


Open hours

Park hours: 5:00 am - 9:00 pm

Past construction

Park amenities/activities

Accessible Restroom
Picnic Table
Paths (Unpaved)
Pump Track
Trails (Biking)
Trails (Hiking)

Park policy

  • All dogs must be leashed in this park.


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