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Five Year Racial Equity Plan

Five Year Racial Equity Plan
A five-year plan for forwarding racial equity within Portland Parks & Recreation
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Portland Parks & Recreation’s (PP&R’s) five-year Racial Equity Plan provides a framework and future guidance for the implementation of racial equity goals adopted by City Council. This plan sets a direction for the bureau that is consistent not only with the Citywide racial equity goals, but with our 2020 vision and with the City’s vision outlined in the Portland Plan, which envisions that “everyone has access to opportunities necessary to satisfy their essential needs, advance their well-being and achieves their full potential.”

The following six goals are identified in this plan:

1. Change existing services within the bureau using racial equity best practices.

2. End disparities in City government hiring and promotions.

3. Strengthen outreach and public engagement for communities of color and refugee and immigrant communities.

4. Increase access to culturally and linguistically responsive services for communities of color and refugee and immigrant communities.

5. Provide equitable access to City services to all residents.

6. Meet or exceed Citywide contracting goals for Minority Business Enterprises (MBE).

In 2015 the City of Portland adopted citywide racial equity goals and a vision. Portland Parks & Recreation is committed and supports these goals and the aspiration that race will have no detrimental effect on people of color, refugee or immigrant communities in accessing our parks and natural areas, or from the benefit of our services. The five-year PP&R Racial Equity Plan is focused on providing a proactive framework that seeks to achieve racial equity. Additionally, we recognize this will take time and require the need to examine the impact that systems of oppression have on other protected class designations. Moreover, we will need to provide further supports to minimize discrimination related to religion, class, gender, sexual identity, disability and their related histories.

Results to Achieve

Achieving racial equity will take time and dedication. We are committed to achieving several results including the following:

  • Ensuring that our workforce racial diversity is reflective of the overall population of the city and promotes an internal culture of respect, inclusion and equity across the organization.
  • Providing plain language around racial equity that staff at all levels can understand, and create a supportive environment for all employees.
  • Actively engaging communities of color and refugee and immigrant communities to participate in our project

Five-Year Racial Equity Plan Documents

Supporting documents: