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Portland Park & Recreation’s dog off-leash areas (DOLAs) provide a wide variety of options for dogs and their owners.

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The off-leash program works to:

  • Provide DOLAs that are healthy, fun places for dogs to play.
  • Promote compliance with leash laws and scoop laws.
  • Encourage responsible use of parks and DOLAs.
  • Connect owners with the resources they need to enjoy off-leash areas.
  • Support volunteer and fundraising efforts.

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Report DOLA problems or concerns

  • Altercations or leash and scoop law violations can be reported to the park rangers
  • Non-emergent injuries to people or pets may be reported to Multnomah County Animal Services (In an emergency always call 911)
  • Off-leash area maintenance concerns and general questions or comments may be directed to the Dog Information Line

Not finding an Off-Leash Area where you want?

PP&R is fortunate to have over 30 dog off-leash areas - both fenced and unfenced.  

At this time, PP&R is not considering changes to or adding new off-leash areas to our parks system. The staff time, resources from various workgroups to plan, design, build, and maintain new sites and changes are beyond our capacity. 

When new parks are designed, we do consider whether an off-leash area would be appropriate at that time.  The creation of a new off-leash area in that context would be funded as part of the new park’s development process.