Film, Video, and Photography Permit

Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) created this policy to support film and video production as well as still photography within PP&R parks.
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Application/Processing Fees

  • Application/Processing Fee: $121.25
  • Application/Processing Fee for shoots with three (3) business days or less notice: $242.50
  • No application fee for B-Roll filming
  • Large film shoot taking place multiple days in one park or multiple parks over several days will be charged the higher application fee of $242.50.

Please submit your application at least 5 days prior to the requested date of use.

PP&R makes no guarantee that a park may be available for use with less than three business days’ notice.

Fee Waiver Eligibility

Fee waivers are available for the following types of activities and whose use does not exclude “in season” athletic league play or PP&R recreation or educational programming. 

  • News production, cable access, public service announcements (eligible for 100% reduction of usage fees)
  • Documentary/advertising/marketing for the promotion of PP&R, City of Portland, Metro Area or the State of Oregon (eligible for 100% reduction of usage fees)
  • Student film for class projects or non-commercial student productions (eligible for 100% reduction of usage fees)
  • Groups who will have 10 or fewer people within the park (eligible for fee waivers listed further below)

Fee waivers do not waive extra fees such as vehicle access, electricity, application/processing fees, etc. 

Usage Fees

Film and Video Fees

  • $87.00* (two-hour minimum) hourly without fee waiver 
  • $43.50* (two-hour minimum) hourly with fee waiver

Still Photography Fees

  • $48.75* (two-hour minimum) hourly without fee waiver 
  • $24.50* (two-hour minimum) hourly with fee waiver

B-Roll Photography Fees

  • $121.25* per day
  • Up to five parks per permit
  • No set up
  • Scenery and beauty shots only
  • No more than five crew members
  • Standard film/video rates apply to more than five crew members.

*Please estimate a 40% surcharge to permit fees related to the Film Office.


All permits issued from the CSC are allowed one change in date or location. Any further changes may incur an additional application/processing fee.

Rain Dates

All film, video, and still shoot permits issued from the CSC are allowed one rain date per date booked at no charge at time of booking.

Availability and Lead Time

The Customer Service Center will make every effort to find an alternative location if the requested location is not available. Please be advised this is made more difficult the shorter the lead time. The CSC cannot guarantee that a previously booked location can be made available.


PP&R Customer Service Center – Film

phone number503-823-2525Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (closed 12:00 PM-1:00 PM)
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