Errol Heights Park

A view of the lower trail and wetland from the elevated walkway that joins the lower and upper sections of the park.
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About Errol Heights Park 

The reimagined 16-acre park protects and restores natural wetland and riparian areas, improved trails and expanded paths for better accessibility, installed artwork celebrating the unique landscape, and created new play and picnic areas on the upper plateau among other improvements. See the full list of features in the Accessibility Notes section below.

In 2018, retired former Parks Commissioner Amanda Fritz appointed a Community Advisory Committee to update the 2005 Master Plan and set community-supported priorities for the construction of park improvements and public engagement. Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) contracted with Mayer|Reed to develop the new park design and a proposal for park programming.

During the bidding process, the Wenaha Group joined as the Construction Management/Owner's Representative for construction. Through a low bidding process, Paul Brothers Inc., was awarded the construction contract for this project. 

PP&R coordinated with neighborhood street and storm water improvement projects led by the Portland Bureau of Transportation and the Bureau of Environmental Services to reduce impacts to the neighborhood.

Art Installation

Artist team, Terresa White and Mike Suri, were selected in 2021 to create a sculptural artwork that celebrates the unique landscape and ecology of Errol Heights Park. Located in the upper plateau of the park, the artists have created a 15-foot sculpture that will invite neighbors, gardeners, walkers, birders, skateboarders, and visitors to experience its natural and recreational areas. This collaborative artwork includes three tall, slender steel forms with cup-like organic shapes and contours that echo the park's trees and flora, collecting and draining rainwater. A bronze mask is attached to each of the three steel forms, combining human faces with various flora and fauna of the park that includes a blue heron, an owl, a peacock as well as maple, white oak, and red alder leaves.

Funding Sources

The $12 million for the new park come from System Development Charges for Parks, Trails, and Natural Areas. In early August 2018, Commissioner Fritz announced additional funding for Errol Heights Park, from $5.3 million to $12 million, to allow a full build out for the updated Master Plan for the natural and developed areas of the park rather than a phased-approach. The additional funding will also allow Portland Parks & Recreation to design a more inclusive play area.

Overhead view of Errol Heights Park Project with numbers indicating location of following features: 1, Basketball Court; 2, Community Garden; 3, Elevated Walkway: 4, Lawn: 5, Natural Area Trail; 6, Overlook; 7, Picnic Area; 8, Playground; 9, Skate Spot; 10, Splash Pad.
Year acquired
Size in acres

In 1999, Barbara Schnabel, widow of George Schnabel, sold her home and the 2.32 acres surrounding it to PP&R. For more than 30 years George had been working to build a new family home and workshop of salvaged heavy timbers from Portland's old warehouses. While working mostly alone constructing the home and workshop, he also sought to create a landscape that was a sanctuary for people and wildlife.

Accessibility Notes

Bus lines

75, 71, 34


Parking is limited to paved, on-street adjacent to a curb or 8-foot wide gravel shoulders. Ensure cars do not block through traffic: do not park on narrow shoulders, ditches, and do not block driveways or ramps.

Parking is not permitted on the Tenino Ct. cul-de-sac. 

Pathway surfaces

There are three types of path surfaces including concrete, compact gravel, and metal grating. Most of the park pathways are at an ADA level grade.

Play areas

  • Diverse areas for a variety of skill levels
  • Forever Lawn surfacing

Play equipment

  • Splash pad
  • Spinner
  • Slide
  • Sound instruments
  • Sensory play elements
  • Ramps
  • Skate spot (smaller skateboard area)

Other amenities

  • Portland Loo
  • 11 picnic tables (five are ADA-accessible)
  • Soft and hard surface improvements
  • Viewpoints
  • 337-foot walkway connecting upper and lower portions of the park
  • Community garden
  • Educational areas
  • Lawn area
  • Public art sculpture
  • More than 450 trees planted

Park Location or Entrance

SE 52nd Avenue and Tenino Street
Portland, OR 97206

Open hours

5:00 am - 12:01 am (midnight)


Anna Brown

Community Engagement Coordinator

Past construction

Park amenities/activities

Paths (Unpaved)
Paths (Paved)
Accessible Picnic Area
Accessible Play Area
Accessible Restroom
Nature-Based Play Area
Picnic Table
Splash Pad
Basketball Court
Skate Park

Park policy

  • All dogs must be leashed in this park.