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A group of children relax in nature and have a popsicle on a hot day.
Find the dates, times, locations, and ages for all the Nature Day Camps for the upcoming summer.
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Registration for summer 2022 begins at 12:30pm on April 4

Camp dates, locations, and registration links are listed below. 

General information

Age Range
Nature Day Camps are offered to children age 5 to 12.


  • Hoyt Arboretum, Southwest Portland, meeting at Steven's Pavilion (4000 SW Fairview Boulevard)
  • Mt Tabor Park, Southeast Portland, meeting at the covered shelter across from the visitor's center (turn right at the park entrance at SE 69th Avenue and Yamhill Street)
  • Powell Butte Nature Park, Outer Southeast Portland, meeting at the Visitor's Center (up the hill from SE 162nd Avenue and Powell Boulevard)
  • Sellwood Park/Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge, Southeast Portland, meeting at Picnic Area "I" at Sellwood Park (near SE 7th Avenue and Malden Street)

Traveling groups and friend requests
Campers will be assigned to traveling groups of 10-12 children who are close in age. Traveling groups have two assigned staff, with floating staff and support staff helping during required breaks and lunch. During the registration process, parents can name one (1) other registered camper, close in age (within 2 years), to be grouped with for the week of camp. 

Nature Day Camp policies
Before you register, make sure you are familiar with our camp policies. This includes information about withdrawal fees, late fees, lightning, and cancellations due to air quality or extreme heat. 

Start and end times
Camps begin at 9:00 am and end at 3:30 pm. Extended drop-off window is from 8:15 - 9:00 am. After-care is from 3:30 - 5:30 pm. 

Some shortened weeks
Week 1 of camp (June 22 - 24, 2022) will be a 3-day camp week
Week 3 of camp (July 5 - 8, 2022) will be a 4-day camp week 

Extended drop-off and after-care options
We offer an extended drop-off window before camp begins each morning. Drop off between 8:15 - 9:00 am, no registration required. We will be offering optional After-care in 2022. Pre-registration is required. After-care goes from 3:30 - 5:30 pm.

Camp Costs and Pay What You Can pricing

  • Five-day weeks   |   $300 - Portland residents, $420 - Non-residents  
  • Four-day week (July 5 – 8, 2022)  |   $240 - Portland residents, $296 - Non-residents
  • Three-Day week (June 22 - 24, 2022)   |   $180 - Portland residents, $252 - Non-residents. 

Nature Day Camp uses a Pay What You Can pricing model (for Portland residents only). Camps are listed at the full cost for a week of camp but can be reduced as needed during the registration process. Pay What You Can pricing is available when registering over the phone and online. Lower your cost of camp based on the needs of your family.

Use the discount options during the checkout process to pay the following:

  • 100% cost: $300
  • 75% cost: $225
  • 50% cost: $150
  • 25% cost: $75
  • 10% cost: $30

Prices listed are for five-day camps. 

Registration Tips

  1. Set up your account ahead of time. Before the morning of registration, take the time to create or update your PP&R ActiveNet account. Make sure there is an account for your family (including the parent or adult who is doing the registration and each camper. List yourself as the Parent/Guardian and each child as a dependent). Add a saved credit card if desired.  
    Update or create your account 

  2. Read the COVID-19 requirements before you register. Guidelines change frequently. Please make sure you are comfortable with the current guidelines before registering, and be prepared for them to change by the time camp begins. 
    Review COVID-19 requirements

  3. Pay attention to camp dates! Some weeks have five-day camps, and others have three and four-day camps.

  4. Need to lower the cost of camp? Use the discounts during checkout to "Pay What You Can". Scholarship forms are not needed. Use one or more discounts to change the cost of camp to an amount that works for your family. This is available both over the phone and online.
    Learn more about "Pay What You Can" pricing

  5. Nature Day Camps have a withdrawal fee. A 20% non-refundable withdrawal fee is charged each time you register for a camp and then withdraw. 

  6. Use payment plans to spread out the cost. Nature Day Camps offers the following payment plan option: Pay 20% when registering for camp, and then pay the remaining balance fourteen (14) days before the camp starts. A valid credit card must be on file to use a payment plan. Note: PP&R staff will follow up on any unpaid balances. Unpaid balances are sent to collections after 120 days. 

  7. If a camp is full, always join a waitlist. This is our only way to fill spots if they should become available.  We rely heavily on waitlists to fill camps which means if you are not on the list, you will not get a call that a spot is available. 

Summer 2022 Schedule and Registration links

Summer 2022
Camp DatesTimesActivity TypeLocationCamp Nature ThemeActivity Number
June 22 - 249:00-3:30 pmNature Day CampMt Tabor ParkBackbone Not Required1142822
June 22 - 243:30-5:30 pmAfter-care optionMt Tabor Park n/a1143485
June 22 - 249:00-3:30 pmNature Day CampPowell Butte Nature ParkBackbone Not Required1142825
June 22 - 243:30-5:30 pmAfter-care optionPowell Butte Nature Park n/a1143486
June 27 - July 19:00-3:30 pmNature Day CampSellwood Park - Oaks Bottom Wildlife RefugeWe Can Wing it1142843
June 27 - July 13:30-5:30 pmAfter-care optionSellwood Park - Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refugen/a


June 27 - July 19:00-3:30 pmNature Day CampHoyt ArboretumWe Can Wing it1143474
June 27 - July 3:30-5:30 pmAfter-care optionHoyt Arboretumn/a1143487
July 5 - 89:00-3:30 pmNature Day CampMt Tabor ParkBuzz & Flutter1142823
July 5 - 83:30-5:30 pmAfter-care optionMt Tabor Parkn/a1143490
July 11 - 159:00-3:30 pmNature Day CampMt Tabor ParkRock & Roll Lifestyle


July 11 - 153:30-5:30 pmAfter-care optionMt Tabor Parkn/a


July 11 - 159:00-3:30 pmNature Day CampPowell Butte Nature ParkRock & Roll Lifestyle1142841
July 11 - 153:30-5:30 pmAfter-care optionPowell Butte Nature Parkn/a1143492
July 18 -229:00-3:30 pmNature Day CampMt Tabor ParkBranching Out1142827
July 18 -223:30-5:30 pmAfter-care optionMt Tabor Parkn/a1143494
July 18 -229:00-3:30 pmNature Day CampHoyt ArboretumBranching Out1142846
July 18 -223:30-5:30 pmAfter-care optionHoyt Arboretumn/a


July 25 - 299:00-3:30 pmNature Day CampMt Tabor ParkHabitats are Hip1142838
July 25 - 293:30-5:30 pmAfter-care optionMt Tabor Parkn/a1143495
August 1 - 59:00-3:30 pmNature Day CampMt Tabor ParkWonders of Water


August 1 - 53:30-5:30 pmAfter-care optionMt Tabor Parkn/a


August 1 - 59:00-3:30 pmNature Day CampSellwood Park - Oaks Bottom Wildlife RefugeWonders of Water1143475
August 1 - 53:30-5:30 pmAfter-care optionSellwood Park - Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refugen/a1143497
August 8 - 129:00-3:30 pmNature Day CampSellwood Park - Oaks Bottom Wildlife RefugeMarvelous Mammals


August 8 - 123:30-5:30 pmAfter-care optionSellwood Park - Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refugen/a1143500
August 8 - 129:00-3:30 pmNature Day CampHoyt ArboretumMarvelous Mammals1142847
August 8 - 123:30-5:30 pmAfter-care optionHoyt Arboretumn/a1143499
August 15 - 199:00-3:30 pmNature Day CampMt Tabor ParkEnchanted By Plants1142840
August 15 - 193:30-5:30 pmAfter-care optionMt Tabor Parkn/a


Register for camp online, over the phone, or in-person


  • Click the links above (once registration is open) to register for camp or visit the PP&R registration page and search for "Nature Day Camp" 

By phone

  • Call the Customer Service Center at 503-823-2525 and refer to the activity number of the camp.
  • Call the EE office at 503-823-3601 during our office hours from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

In person

  • Visit your local community center to register in person or call 503-823-3601 to set up a time to meet at the EE Office in Southwest Portland. 

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Rose Ramirez

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Park Location or Entrance
SE 7th Avenue and Sellwood Blvd
Portland, OR 97202
Park Location or Entrance
SE 7th Avenue and Miller Street
Portland, OR 97202
Park Location or Entrance
SE Spokane Street and Oaks Parkway
Portland, OR 97202
Park Location or Entrance
SE 60th Avenue and Salmon Street
Portland, OR 97215

Hoyt Arboretum

Park Location or Entrance
4000 SW Fairview Blvd
Portland, OR 97221
Park Location or Entrance
16160 SE Powell Blvd
Portland, OR 97236