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Nature Activities (At-Home Resources)

Bee on a blossom
Every season brings different opportunities to connect to nature right outside your door! We will be adding resources to this page as they are created. Please visit this site frequently for new information.
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Butterflies and Moths




  • Type in your address here and learn about the trees you see on your street everyday. Portland Parks & Recreation Urban Forestry has mapped every street tree in Portland!
  • Take a tree walk at a school in your neighborhood. School children have planted arboretums (tree museums) all over the city!
  • Explore the cones and seeds of a Douglas Fir Tree. 

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Parenting Resources

If you are new to being a parent AND teacher, you may be feeling a lot of pressure. Here is a helpful resource that is both inspiring and low-pressure.

Prescribing Nature for Health   |   Dr. Nooshin Razani   |   TEDxNashville

Dr. Razani describes how she was able to connect her children to nature, and why it’s important.​​​​

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Stay and Play video series

Nature-based videos from Portland Parks & Recreation's Stay and Play video series
These short nature videos offer songs, stories, tips, and outdoor explorations in nearby yards, parks, or along city streets. Click on each one to view, or visit the entire Portland Parks & Recreation’s Stay and Play video series on YouTube offering a variety of ways you can stay and play!

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