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Let Us Build Cully Park
In partnership with Verde and Let Us Build Cully Park! has transformed a former landfill into a new 25-acre park for Portland’s most diverse, park deprived neighborhood. Cully Park is a catalyst for neighborhood improvement and a symbol of what the Cully neighborhood can be.

Cully Park embodies a city-community partnership to restore a landscape that was altered beyond recognition. Where it once served as a repository for refuse, this park now provides opportunities for people in the community to grow and thrive.

Year acquired
Size in acres

Prior to Parks acquisition, the Cully Park property was the Killingsworth Fast Disposal landfill property. The landfill was permanently closed in 1990 and fell under the Orphan Landfill designation where it was taken over by DEQ. Parks purchased the property in 2002 and implemented a master plan in 2009. In 2011, land use and design begin culminating in the first phase of development that opened June 2018. The $12 million dollar phase rebuilt NE 72nd Avenue and was funded by a variety of public and private funding. Approximately $6 million of which was SDC funding and the remainder funded through grants and private donations brought forth by Verde, the non-profit assigned development rights by parks in 2012.

The development of this former brownfield site won an Oregon Brown Fields redevelopment award in 2018 and is set to be a huge community asset for the Cully community.

Accessibility Notes


  • Parking lot (50 cars total)
  • 4 designated ADA parking spaces (4 van)
  • Paved pathway to play area
  • 50 feet to play area and 50 feet to DOLA

Play Area

  • Rubberized surface
  • Ramp into play area
  • Forever Lawn surfacing

Play Equipment

  • Transfer station
  • Sensory play elements
  • Teeter Totter
  • Spinner
  • Slide
  • Incline suspension bridge
  • Sand and water play
  • Sound Instruments

Other Amenities

  • Two accessible restrooms and Portland Loo
  • Accessible picnic area

Park Location or Entrance

5810 NE 72nd Ave
Portland, OR 97218

Open hours

Park hours: 5:00am-midnight

Park amenities/activities

Accessible Picnic Area
Accessible Play Area
Accessible Restroom
Wireless Internet Access (WiFi)
Dog Off-leash Area
Fenced Dog off-leash Area
Paths (Paved)
Paths (Unpaved)
Soccer Field


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