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Steel Bridge Skatepark in Old Town

In Planning
The future Steel Bridge Skatepark in Old Town will be the signature skate facility in the Portland Parks & Recreation system and is expected to boost Downtown Portland recreation opportunities and strengthen the local economy.
An aerial image overlooking the Steel Bridge and the future site of the Old Town Skatepark Project.
Anticipated completion: Fall 2029
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Project Overview

Portland Vibrant Communities Commissioner Dan Ryan, who oversees Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R), has designated $15 million in System Development Charges (SDCs) to fully fund a new skatepark in the Old Town neighborhood. The park will be located near the Steel Bridge on the west side of the Willamette River.

Since the early 2000s, Portland’s skating community has envisioned a premier skatepark downtown. After extensive community input, the concept was advanced in PP&R’s 2008 Skatepark System Plan.

This new public park will activate the area by providing a recreational space for people, inclusive of all backgrounds and abilities. The Steel Bridge Skatepark Coalition of businesses, neighbors, and skate advocates is overjoyed to see Commissioner Ryan make this investment in revitalizing Downtown Portland.”

“In the past few years, this proposed skatepark project has gained more and more traction as an appealing way to enliven and improve this area of downtown,” says PP&R Director Adena Long. “I am impressed by the enthusiastic community support and look forward to realizing another important recreational opportunity for Portlanders.”

Park System Development Charges (SDCs) are one-time fees assessed on new development, not General Fund tax dollars. SDCs help ensure that, as the city’s population grows, its quality of life keeps pace with its infrastructure needs. Current state law requires that SDC resources can only be used for improvements that will expand the capacity of the parks and recreation system. In other words, SDC money cannot be used to fix or maintain current assets.

The project has received support from various partners. Prosper Portland is providing $250,000 to advance the development process. The Steel Bridge Skate Coalition has been a major advocate, and the Old Town Community Association (OTCA) has shown support for the initial concept. The concept was a collaborative effort by DAO Architecture, Lango Hansen Landscape Architects, and Grindline Skateparks, Inc. The innovative vision received several landscape design awards, playing a significant role in inspiring the skatepark’s future. The City of Portland commissioned the preliminary design, ensuring it included input from both stakeholder and skateboard-focused advisory committees.

Both the Portland Bureau of Transportation and Oregon Department of Transportation currently manage the right-of-way where the park will be located. TriMet and Union Pacific Railroad are involved in discussions and land use matters as well.

In spring 2024, PP&R will begin to work with project partners on property acquisition and feasibility, followed by community engagement and design.

Project Updates

April 2024 - Project Kick-Off Event

Guests sit and listen to Director Adena Long speak at the Old Town Skatepark Project Kick-Off Event on Monday, April 8, 2024.
Thank you to all who were able to join us for our Steel Bridge Skatepark in Old Town Kick-Off Event on Monday, April 8, 2024. We were joined by a robust group of guests who were excited to learn more about the project details and timeline. Culture and Livability Commissioner Dan Ryan and Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) Director Adena Long shared a commitment, from the City of Portland and Portland Parks, to building a world class skatepark and plaza in Old Town. 

What: Steel Bridge Skatepark in Old Town Project Kick-off Event
When: Monday, April 8, 2024, 6:00 - 7:00pm
Where: Garden Space /205 NW 4th Ave, Portland, OR 97209 
Why: We celebrated the allocation of SDC funds to build this signature skatepark and plaza in Old Town at the west end of the Steel Bridge
Who: Culture & Livability Commissioner Dan Ryan, PP&R Director Adena Long, PP&R Old Town Skatepark project team, members of the Steel Bridge Skatepark Coalitionthe Portland skate community, and members of the Old Town Chinatown Community Association.
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Community Engagement

Portland Parks & Recreation recognizes that the Steel Bridge Skatepark in Old Town project is one that will garner incredible community wide interest. With that in mind, the PP&R Community Engagement team will lead an effort to recruit individuals to participate as Project Advisory Committee members on this important project. 

Anticipate Project Advisory Committee timeline:

  • Q2 2024: Begin Advisory Committee discussions with stakeholder groups (April 8, 2024 Kick-Off Meeting)
  • Q3 2024: Finalize questions and criteria for recruitment 
  • Q3 2024: Begin Advisory Committee recruitment
  • Q4 2024: Selection of Advisory Committee members
  • Q4 2024: Relationship building with individual Advisory Committee members
  • Q1 2025: Convene Advisory Committee members for introductions and intention-setting for the group
  • Q2 2025: Work with Advisory Committee members to develop needs and priorities
  • Q3 2025: Community-wide engagement begins

Key: Q1: January-March / Q2: April-June / Q3: July-September / Q4: October-December

Anticipated Project Timeline

  • Request for Proposal (RFP):  Q2 2024 - Q3 2024
  • Project Feasibility / Site Investigation: Q3 2024 - Q1 2025
  • Community Engagement: Q3 2024 - Q4 2025
  • Schematic Design: Q1 2025 - Q4 2025
  • Design Development: Q1 2026
  • Construction Documentation: Q3 2026
  • Permit Submittal: Q4 2026 - Q4 2027*
    • * Permit requirements are currently unknown. The above process is put in place to determine the extent of permit requirements. Currently we are under the assumption that all the above agencies will require a permit review and approval process, this is subject to change.
  • Bid / Procurement: Q4 2027 - Q2 2028
  • Construction: Q2 2028 - Q3 2029**
    • **Estimate 12 to 18 month construction period



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Senior Community Engagement Coordinator

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