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SE 150th and Division Street Park Master Plan

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The master plan for SE 150th and Division Street Park reflects a collaborative effort involving neighbors and community groups to create a welcoming space with activities for people of all ages.
SE 150th & Division Street Park Design Drawing
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In 2016-17, PP&R worked with the community create a Master Plan for a new park at SE 150th Avenue and Division Street. The plan created a general outline of what this park will become when it is built. Based on community ideas and feedback, the plan identified the primary uses and features and began to arrange these features within the park space. This finished Master Plan was approved by the Portland City Council in November 2017.   

When funding becomes available, PP&R will again work with the community to refine the Master Plan, adding specific details to the park design, like the size of soccer field, the kind of play equipment, and number of picnic tables. The community is a key partner all along the way.

The future park will help fill a significant need for parks in one of Portland’s most diverse neighborhoods. Click here to view a summary of the master plan that highlights several park features including;

  • A central picnic area and recreation space near the community garden and playground,
  • A large community garden and a fenced Dog Off-Leash Area, bringing daily visitors year-round,
  • A landmark entry at Division Street with a summer-splashing water feature and a plaza for community events.

SE 150th and Division Park Master Plan (pdf)

Project Background

In November 2014, Portland City Council designated $300,000 from 2014’s fall supplemental budget for new master plans for eastside parks. In April 2015, PP&R, the East Portland Neighborhood Organization (EPNO) Parks Committee and Commissioner Amanda Fritz engaged the community in a public outreach process to determine which sites should be prioritized as part of the eastside park master planning process. Based on that process and PP&R staff input, Commissioner Fritz selected to fund a master plan for an undeveloped park property that sits at SE 150th Avenue and Division Street.

In 2015, Portland City Council authorized a grant agreement between PP&R and Outgrowing Hunger (a grassroots organization founded in 2011 as a participant-based model for improving food security through agricultural projects in low-income communities) to be used to support community farming and interim-use gardens within the Portland area. The purpose of the proposed project is to increase access to land for the purposes of food production for low-income, minority, refugee and immigrant populations living in East Portland. 

An interim garden was created in advance of the master plan completion, with the understanding that the garden may be relocated on the site when the new park is built. 

In July 2016, we launched this project by hosting a "Party in the Park" to welcome the community to the site and hear ideas for a vibrant new park. Nearly one hundred people participated. Additional meetings and a community advisory committee helped shape the final plan for the future park. 

Site Description

Located in the Centennial Neighborhood, the 7.5 acre property was acquired by Portland Parks & Recreation in 2014. The gently rolling site is grass covered and features views of the neighborhood including Division Street and Powell Butte.

Project Schedule

  • December 2015 - RFP for park master planning is issued
  • March 2016 - Hire design team
  • March 2016 – March 2017 - Complete planning and public involvement process