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The City of Portland and LiUNA – Laborers Local 483 announce a tentative agreement, ending labor strike effective 1am today, Sunday Feb 5, 2023

Red Electric Trail

In Planning
This project will create design and construction drawings to build a western segment of the Red Electric Trail, from SW Shattuck Road to SW Cameron Road. The trail will eventually connect to PBOT's recently constructed bridge within the eastern edge of the trail.
Work begins Fall 2022
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Project Information

In the Spring of 2022, the City of Portland was awarded a Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Fund Grant for the Red Electric Trail Design and Planning (for $750,000).  The grant funds will complete 30% design drawings for the segment east of Alpenrose, from SW Shattuck to SW Cameron Road.  The total segment is a little over half a mile, in addition to neighborhood pathways that will connect to it.

While grant funding (and this project) does not cover construction, the design drawings will be very helpful in allowing PP&R to advance construction of the designed trail in the future. 

Early work this fall will include clearing of some vegetation and overgrown portions of this trail segment  so that survey work can begin.  This step is important in understanding the site and will create a foundation for the design work. 

This project will focus on the Red Electric Trail segment from SW Shattuck Road to SW Cameron Road, which generally uses SW Fairvale Court, an undeveloped right-of-way.

A 2007 Red Electric Trail Alignment Study included a comprehensive public engagement process and resulted in a conceptual route for the entirety of the trail.  This study will be a resource and starting point to guide the design work for this project. 

Solicitation of the design team will happen this fall, and the design team will begin their work, including public engagement in 2023.

Project Updates

October 2022

Notification of Closure:

Red Electric Trail-East of Alpenrose Map
Red Electric Trail-East of Alpenrose Map

The informal trail (part of the “Red Electric Trail”)located behind Pendleton Park and Hayhurst        Elementary School will be closed during the following periods:

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Red Electric Trail Closure Schedule
Red Electric Trail Closure Schedule
Please use alternate routes.  * The only entry to Pendleton Park will be at SW 54th

Contractors with Portland Parks & Recreation will clear nuisance trees and hazardous under story limbs, deadwood, and vines.  A survey crew will measure the area to help understand the site's topography and create a foundation for the trail's future design.  


The Red Electric was an interurban train route, running bright red passenger trains linking Forest Grove and Beaverton to southwest Portland, between 1914 and 1929.

Train on Railroad Track
Red Electric Train at Union Station, Portland

Known for their bright red color, the Red Electrics was originally called the Portland Eugene and Eastern Railroad, the name was changed to Southern Pacific on July 1, 1915.   Learn more about Red Electric History at

Red Electric Trail Today

Today, the remaining rights-of-way are envisioned as a major regional trail that connects the existing Fanno Creek Trail west of Alpenrose Dairy to the Willamette Greenway Trail in South Waterfront. 

The Red Electric Trail is part of the Portland region’s 220 miles of regional trails. When completed, there will be 16 miles of safer, mostly off-road Red Electric trail between the Tualatin and Willamette Rivers. 

Red Electric Trail Map
Red Electric Trail East of Alpenrose

Many sections of the trail have been designed and constructed, including a new pedestrian and bicycle bridge between SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway and SW Capitol Highway. 

Red Electric Trail Bridge at the Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway, Portland
Red Electric Trail Bridge

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Park Location or Entrance
SW 55th Avenue and Iowa Street
Portland, OR 97221


Lora Lillard, AICP

Capital Project Manager

Odalis Perez-Crouse

Community Engagement Coordinator