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Parklane Park Project

Engineering And Design
Thanks to funding from System Development Charges, Parklane Park will be expanded from 5 acres to 25 acres.
An aerial photograph of Parklane Park that shows the developed 5 acres and undeveloped 20 acres.
Expected opening date: Fall 2024
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Project Updates

September 2022

Since our last update in July 2022: 

  • The early construction work this summer was completed ahead of schedule!
  • The 20-acre northern section was graded as preparation for the next phase of construction and is currently about 12" below the final finish grade elevations.
  • 'Surcharge piles' (large amounts of soil) were added to compact the soil to prepare for construction of the event pavilion / half-court basketball and picnic shelters.
  • Hydromulching (spraying a mixture of tackifier and fibrous material) was completed to prevent erosion over the winter.
  • Drawings were submitted for building permit review. 

What's next?

  • Cost estimating and subcontractor bidding will begin this fall.
  • Over fall and winter, drawings and calculations will be reviewed for the required building permits, and revisions will be made to address comments for final approval and building permit issuance.
  • Contract negotiations and City Council approval of the main construction contract will follow. 

Full Construction Work Starts Spring 2023

With the early construction work completed ahead of schedule, there will be a pause in construction work over the fall and winter. Full construction of the park, including the existing 5-acre park area, is anticipated to begin in Spring 2023.

When construction resumes in Spring 2023, the playground, Loo, sports field, basketball court, and other park amenities in the existing southern 5-acre Parklane Park will be closed for public use until the new park opens. 

The anticipated park opening date is late Fall 2024, though the landscape areas, including soccer fields and dog off-leash areas, will likely need to remain closed until the grass becomes fully established by Summer 2025. 

March 2022

We are pleased to share an update about our progress on the development of Parklane Park. There has been a lot of behind-the-scenes work and some changes to the overall design, but the project continues to move forward.

Project Challenges

Several costly and unforeseen site issues materialized during design development as more became known about the site. One major issue is the former rock quarry on the undeveloped 20-acres that was filled in with a variety of materials, which impacts stability of the site’s soils.

However, the largest single impact on the project is construction cost inflation, which has skyrocketed due to the pandemic. This has led to significant worldwide supply chain issues, labor shortages, and increased costs of all construction materials.

Design Update

Drawing of the future Parklane Park showing a large green park with soccer fields, parking, sports courts, play area, and other park amenities from an aerial view.

View a larger image of the updated design (March 2022)

Adjustments were made to the design to address construction issues and reduce project costs. This includes:

  • Two grass soccer fields replaced the lit synthetic turf fields
  • A second Portland Loo replaced the custom architectural restroom building
  • Overall developed area was reduced by approximately 5 acres on north side, creating a larger buffer for park neighbors
  • Traffic engineering study to identity on-street parking availability in consideration of PBOT’s current and upcoming projects compared to the new park’s forecasted parking needs; west parking lot was removed
  • Local Improvement District (LID) as a funding mechanism for Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) to perform the design and construction of the on-street parking and multi-use path improvements along park’s street frontages
  • Features like sport courts and the skate park were moved out of the former quarry fill area to reduce construction costs and ensure structural stability of these hard surfaces
  • Additional funding was added to the project to close the budget gap

We appreciate the community’s patience as we continue to work through these issues. While the design has changed, the overall program elements for the park has not changed, and we have kept the community’s vision of this park as the guiding direction for our work.

View a presentation of the updated park plan (March 2022)

Project Background

The site of Parklane Park was originally Native American land. More recently, it was used as an airfield, and then as a gravel quarry which was later filled with remnant debris in the 1990s. When the surrounding subdivisions were built in the 1970s, the triangular 5 acre parcel that is now Parklane Park became a Multnomah County park. Local residents planted many of the trees and installed red and white striped playground equipment, which gave the park its nickname “Candy Cane Park.”

In 1993, the park was transferred to Portland Parks & Recreation. In 2001, the City purchased an additional 20 acres to the north, the site of the former gravel quarry. The Parklane Park Master Plan was completed in 2009 and created a plan to guide the construction of the expansion. In 2016, a Loo was installed near the playground with 2014 Parks Replacement Bond funds.

There is a significant lack of parks and open spaces and a shortage of recreation facilities in the neighborhood. When fully developed, Parklane Park will serve 2,237 households, including 407 of which do not currently have ready access to any park or natural areas. 

In May 2016, Commissioner Amanda Fritz announced $6M in System Development Charge (SDC) funds to start the development of Parklane Park. In the summer of 2018, she allocated an additional $10M, to bring the full project budget to $16M. The COVID-19 pandemic led to significant cost escalations due to labor and supply chain issues. Because of this, Commissioner Carmen Rubio approved an additional $8M in SDCs in December 2021, for a total of $24M funding. This will allow for the completion of nearly all elements identified in the 2009 Master Plan (except for the aquatic center).  

Project Overview

The currently developed 5-acre portion of Parklane Park includes an accessible play area, a basketball court, a Portland Loo, and a softball field. The new funding will allow for ADA improvements to the entire park, plus park improvements for the site's undeveloped 20 acres on the northern side. Funding is sufficient for the completion of nearly all elements identified in the 2009 Master Plan (except for the aquatic center).  

The 2009 Master Plan will be a guide for the design, and improvements may include:

  • Playground improvements
  • A skatepark
  • A gathering area and picnic shelters
  • A Portland Community Garden
  • Tennis court
  • Dog off-leash area
  • An extensive recreational path system
  • Large open meadow
  • Landscaping and trees
  • Sports fields (such as soccer and baseball)

Through a Project Advisory Committee and Community Gathering events, the community will help guide the development of the design for the expanded park. The first step of the community engagement process will be to check in with the Project Advisory Committee and the broader community about the Master Plan's features to see if any priorities have changed. 

Project Advisory Committee Members

Asia Saechao, Benjamin Lostheart, Courteland Benson, Dasha Foerster, Jeb Hubbs, Jonathan Cruz, Kit Becker, Matt Wood, Mercedes Herrada, Riley Renner, Ron Clemenson, Roxie Sprick, Sabrina Wilson, Selenny Santiago, Sogene Mah, Terence Stilin-Rooney. 

Project Timeline

Design Concept and Community Engagement 

Construction Documents, Permitting, Construction, and Completion

  • Design Development: Fall 2020 - Spring 2022
  • Land Use Process: Winter 2021/22 - Spring 2022
  • Permitting: Summer 2022 – Fall 2022
  • Contracting: Winter 2022/23
  • Construction:
    • Summer 2021 - Fall 2021: Soil movement and tree removal work in 20-acre fenced area
    • Spring 2022 – Fall 2022: Additional soil movement and site preparation work in 20-acre fenced area
    • Spring 2023 – Fall 2024 – Construction of full 25-acre park, including closure of existing 5-acre park
  • Tentative Opening Date: Fall 2024*

*Soccer fields and other landscaping areas will need additional time to establish grass and will open for full use in Summer 2025.

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