Mt. Tabor Reservoir Project

In November of 2014, Commissioners Fritz and Fish invited Portlanders to engage in a conversation about the future of Mt. Tabor reservoirs.
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Project Overview

A meeting was held on November 18, and the three concepts for public consideration, notes and details from that meeting are posted on the left side of your screen.

Leading up to the second meeting (planned for Dec 10), Commissioners Fritz and Fish were made aware that the Historic Landmarks Commission, in a pending land use review, is considering a condition requiring the continued presence of water in the Mt. Tabor reservoirs. Therefore, on the advice of the City Attorney’s Office, they postponed the December 10th community meeting until after the City has reached a final decision in the land use review to avoid any appearance of pre-judgment on this issue.


In order to satisfy an unfunded federal water quality mandate, the City of Portland is required to disconnect Portland’s open air reservoirs, including three at Mt. Tabor Park. This work is scheduled to begin in early 2015. Reservoir 7, which is enclosed at Mt. Tabor Park, will stay in service.

For information on the Water Bureau Mt. Tabor and Washington Park Reservoirs Project, please click below.

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