Montavilla Park Picnic Shelter

In Planning
In March 2019, Portland Parks & Recreation received a safety and structural stability assessment of Montavilla Park’s picnic shelter. The report indicates that the structure is presumed to be unsafe and must be removed to ensure visitor safety.
Fall 2021
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Project Overview

The Montavilla Park Picnic Shelter has been closed and fenced off as if it has been presumed to be unsafe for use. 

Portland Parks & Recreation recognizes the shelter’s value to the park, the adjacent Montavilla Community Center, and the neighborhood. As next steps become known, we will provide updates.

Project Update

Demolition of the Montavilla Park Picnic Shelter will begin Wednesday, September 22, 2021. Weather permitting, we expect the work to be complete by early to mid-November. The nearby playground will remain open during demolition, and we ask all park-goers to remain out of the fenced work area and adhere to all cautionary signage. 

Portland Parks & Recreation does not currently have funds to replace the shelter but is looking for future opportunities to do so. Once demolition is complete, we will be seeding grass turf in the location.



Park Location or Entrance
NE 82nd Avenue and Glisan Street
Portland, OR 97220


Ken Rumbaugh

Senior Community Engagement Coordinator