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The Errol Heights Park Master Plan concept design is for a 16-acre park, with plans to protect and restore the lower natural wetland and riparian areas, improve and expand existing trails for ADA access, and develop the upper plateau land for play areas, picnics and gardening.

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Project Description

We are creating a new Errol Heights Park. 
We have begun work to refresh the vision and Master Plan for Errol Heights Park in Southeast Portland. The concept design for this 16-acre park is still in development, with plans to protect and restore the lower natural wetland and riparian areas, improve and expand existing trails for ADA access, and develop the upper plateau land for play areas, picnics and gardening. Last spring, Commissioner Amanda Fritz appointed a Community Advisory Committee  to update the 2005 Master Plan, set community-supported priorities for the construction of park improvements and engage the broader community in the public process. Portland Parks & Recreation has contracted with Mayer|Reed to work with the committee on developing a recommended proposal for park programming and a design schematic for the new park.

Portland Parks & Recreation is coordinating with neighborhood street and stormwater improvement projects led by the Portland Bureau of Transportation and the Bureau of Environmental Services. We are also working with representatives from the Errol Heights Community Garden to plan for and construct a new home for the Errol Heights Community Garden within the developed park area.

Funding Sources

The $12 million for the new park come from System Development Charges for Parks, Trails, and Natural Areas. In early August 2018, Commissioner Fritz announced additional funding for Errol Heights Park, from $5.3 million to $12 million, to allow a full build out for the updated Master Plan for the natural and developed areas of the park rather than a phased-approach. The additional funding will also allow Portland Parks & Recreation to design a more inclusive play area.

Site Description

1,477 households are within a half-mile walking distance of Errol Heights Park, located at SE 52nd Avenue and Tenino Street, in the Brentwood-Darlington neighborhood. The park borders the Woodstock neighborhood along its SE 45th Avenue edge, and Ardenwald Johnson Creek neighborhood to the south.  

Current Project Schedule

  • Land Use Permitting: December 2019 - April 2020
  • Construction Drawings complete: April 2020
  • Building Permits: April 2020 -September 2020
  • Advertise and Award Construction Contract: September 2020 - January 2021
  • Park Construction:  February 2021 - Fall 2022

Project Updates

May 2020 - Temporary Trail Closures

Expect to see crews in the park using motorized equipment to cut and remove invasive plants and brush from May 4, through May 26. This and other site restoration work will result in temporary trail closures (signs will be in place when trails are closed). Please use caution throughout the park as crews will be moving between multiple work areas.

February 2020

The project team has submitted the required land use application for Errol Heights Park. Bureau of Developmental Services Land Use has sent a notice to neighborhood associations and residents within 100’ of the park property.

May 2019 - Temporary Trail Closures

Expect to see motorized geotechnical boring and excavation equipment in the park on May 14, 15, 21, and 22. This work will result in a temporary trail closures (signs will be in place when trails are closed) and temporary disturbance of the ground. Please use caution throughout the park as equipment will be moving between several different designated work areas.

January 2019

At an exciting second open house for Errol Heights Park, the public was invited to learn about the project and share their input on the proposed final park design. The event featured refreshments, children's activities, and opportunities to chat with PP&R and design team staff. Click here to read a summary of December 2018 Open House and Online Survey.

November 2018

At the last Community Advisory Group Meeting on October 10, 2018, members reviewed two schematic design options and provided input on which ideas worked best for desired programming and habitat considerations. Now, the design team is refining the design based on their feedback and plans to present a final recommended schematic design to the CAC on November 14. Outcomes of that meeting will be presented to the public at the upcoming open house on Saturday, December 1, 2018, 10:00am to 1:00pm at Lane Middle School.

October 2018

The first community open house was a great success! Thanks to everyone who made it out and weighed in. We had over one hundred people attend the in-person event on September 8, at Errol Heights Park and over 350 people complete the online survey that was available throughout the month of September. Community members and neighbors weighed in on how they currently use the park and what they hope to do there in the future. A full summary of that outreach is available here.

Community Engagement Summary

In spring 2018, City Commissioner Amanda Fritz appointed 13 neighborhood advisors to help guide Portland Parks & Recreation shape the future of this community park and to ensure that it serves people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Committee members include park neighbors, parents, gardeners, teachers, natural area explorers and representatives from the Brentwood Darlington Neighborhood Association, Woodstock neighborhood, Johnson Creek Watershed Council, Friends of Errol Heights, and the Errol Heights Community Garden.

The community advisory committee will review and incorporate community input from the September and December open houses and finalize the committee’s recommended design concept for Errol Heights Park. Once the CAC has refined the design concept and park programming, the CAC-recommended proposal will be presented to the director of Portland Parks & Recreation for consideration.

Meeting Summaries and Supporting Documents

Errol Heights Park Community Advisory Committee - May 2018

  • Brett Bolstad
  • Paul Ciri
  • Caryn Corwin
  • Joshua Freeman
  • Anne Hett
  • Pamela Hodge
  • Karl Lee
  • Adrienne Moat
  • Gillian Murr
  • Erich J Pacheco
  • Michael Riley
  • Jennon Rugg
  • Fon Zhan

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