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East Portland Community Center ADA Accessibility

Construction type
Project status
Under construction

Thanks to funding from the Parks Replacement Bond, East Portland Community Center's parking lot is getting ADA accessibility improvements.

Expected Completion in December 2020


Project Overview

This project will make improvements to the existing ADA parking spaces, curb ramps, signage, drop-off area, and pathway entrance into East Portland Community Center(EPCC).  

Shows curb ramp entrance to East Portland Community Center.

East Portland Community Center is currently temporarily closed due to COVID-19. Find more information about PP&R COVID-19 closures and postponements at portland.gov/parks/covid-19-updates-closures-and-postponements

During construction, the ADA parking spaces and the main driveway entrance to EPCC will be closed. The rest of the EPCC parking lot will remain open, and it recommended to enter the parking lot at the northern entrance at SE 108th Avenue. Access to Floyd Light Park will remain open. 

Project Schedule

October 2020 - December 2020