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Creston Park Skatepark Project

In Planning
A new skatepark is being planned for Creston Park.
Kids on skateboards, bikes, and scooters
Anticipated completion: Spring 2026
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Whether you are just learning how to skateboard or you're a life-long skater... We want to keep you in the know! 

Creston Park Skatepark Project news and updates will be provided on this page every 30-60 days. Enter your email address at the link below and we will include you in an email alert every time we post a project update. 

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Creston Skatepark Community Workshop Survey

An illustrated design concept of the future Creston Park Skatepark. Shown is an overhead image and two side views.

We're building Portland's next great skatepark!

Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) would like to thank all who joined us on Thursday, August 24 and the hundreds who took the time to offer thoughts and feedback on the Creston Park Skatepark Survey. The survey closed on September 7. Our Community Engagement team is busy compiling all the data collected to share with our larger project team.

We expect to host our next Community Workshop in mid-late October at Creston Park. By sure to add your name and email to the Creston Park Skatepark Contact List to make sure you stay in the know about future events and opportunities. 

 Download and review the full set of Community Workshop #2 design concepts (A, B, and C)  here:

Project Updates

August 24, 2023 - Community Workshop Update

Community members talk to members of the Creston Skatepark design as they look at one of the design concepts unveiled at the Thursday, August 24, 2023 Community Workshop event.

Thank you to all who were able to join us our Creston Skatepark Community Workshop event on Thursday, August 23, 2023. 

We had a tremendous turn-out, and heard great feedback on the three design concepts. The skate community always does a wonderful job of providing clear guidance on the flow, elements, and obstacles that they'd like to see in our skateparks... For that, we are grateful! 

August 2023

Join us for the Creston Park Skatepark Project Community Workshop Event Thursday, August 24, 2023 4:30pm-6:30pm at Creston Park.

Portland Parks & Recreation is building a new skatepark at Creston Park! Join us to review early design concepts and let us know what features and elements you would like to see at your skatepark!

  • What: Creston Park Skatepark Community Workshop
  • When: Thursday, August 24, 2023 4:30pm-6:30pm
  • Where: Creston Park (near the Creston DIY skate spot)
  • Why: We want to build the skatepark that you want to see in Creston Park! Join us to talk about the flow, elements, and obstacles that you want to see included.

Additionally, on the day of the event, PP&R will also launch a community survey to better ensure we're hearing from all interested parties. The survey link will be sent out through all channels and will be posted on the project page on August 24.

June 2023

Our project team has reviewing all feedback and priorities from the Community Meeting and Community Survey. The design team is busy preparing multiple design options for our next Community Meeting. 

We anticipate the next Community Meeting will occur in August at Creston Park. Please add your name and email to the Creston Park Skatepark project contact list to receive all the latest news and information. 

Creston Park Skatepark Survey Summary (survey was open from May 3 through May 19, 2023)

  • We received 669 survey responses (this is triple the responses we have received on other skate projects) - Big thanks to all who shared the survey on Instagram! We appreciate you!

While our participants have a diverse opinions about the individual features of their preferred skatepark, there were some clear and common themes in the sentiments shared: 

  • Great support and excitement for Creston Park as the site selection 
    • Many of the most involved participants felt this was an homage to efforts of the skateboarding community at Creston Park 
  • Overwhelming support for a covered skatepark for year-round access 
    • On average there are 140 rainy or snowy days each year in Portland, OR 
    • A cover would make it safe and accessible in the rainy weather 
  • Overwhelming support for a lighted skatepark 
    • A lighted facility would increase the capacity of a Portland, OR skatepark by several hours each day October through March 
  • Clear support for a hybrid style skatepark, with features and amenities for skaters of all abilities 
    • There is a clear preference to keep a DIY look and feel where possible 

May 2023

The first Community Meeting for project engagement was held virtually on May 3, 2023.  Participants had an opportunity to hear about the selection criteria and methodology for the decision on the optimal skatepark location. 

A Project survey was made available for community to share input on skatepark features and elements from May 3rd through May 19th. If you were unable to attend the virtual meeting, or complete the survey, there will be another engagement opportunity at our 2nd Community Meeting in early summer.   Please add your name and email to the Creston Park Skatepark project contact list to receive all the latest news and information. 

Project Overview

In December 2022, PP&R City Commissioner Carmen Rubio announced $5 million in Parks System Development Charges (SDCs) for a new Skate Park in Southeast Portland.

  • The Level of Service Guidance Developed Parks and Natural Areas Study (LOS) identifies that every household in the city should be within two miles of a skatepark. Sixty-five percent of households are not currently within two miles of a skatepark in the city. That's the largest percentage gap of the 13 assets in the LOS study. 
  • Staff reviewed the LOS study and the Skatepark System Plan and identified three possible sites for the next Southeast Portland skatepark.

Original Candidate Sites

  1. Creston Park (4454 SE Powell Blvd.)
  2. Powell Park (2500 SE Powell Blvd.)
  3. Glenwood Park (SE 87th Avenue and SE Claybourne St.)
  • Creston Park is located off SE Powell Blvd. adjacent to Creston Annex Head Start. The park currently includes a community pool facility, a new, recently constructed playground area, tennis courts, large open lawn area, picnic table area, a restroom building, and a parking lot. The tennis courts have been converted into a community-built skatepark with various street skate features all built up on the existing tennis court surface. Creston has the largest number of individuals in a two-mile service area, along with a higher number of youth and people of color than the other candidate sites. The LOS study identifies a gap in service for skateparks in the Creston Park area. The closest skatepark is Ed Benedict (2.8 miles), a small skate spot is under construction at Errol Heights Park (2.8 miles), and a larger skatepark (about 5000 square feet) at Berrydale Park is currently in design (3.6 miles away).
  • Powell Park is located off SE Powell Blvd. between SE 22nd Avenue and SE 26th Avenue. The park currently includes a baseball field, basketball courts, playground area, wading pool (that requires decommissioning), restroom building, and an open lawn space. Many of the large mature trees are located on the east side of the property and around the perimeter of the park. Powell Park has the largest number of households within the two-mile skatepark service area, the highest percentage of households in poverty, and the highest number of households below poverty. Powell Park is 1.2 miles from Creston Park and does not include onsite parking.
  • Glenwood City Park is located adjacent to Kelly Elementary School. The park currently includes a baseball and soccer field, tennis courts, playground area, and a restroom building. There is a large mixture of mature and newly planted trees, mostly within the northern portion of the site. There are also variety of trees around the perimeter of the site, including street trees. There is no onsite parking and there are residential single-family homes along three sides of the park. 

Site Selection Methodology

Choosing a site for the skatepark is best approached by nominating a group of possible locations and then prioritizing them based on their strengths and weaknesses. Each site was ranked based on the five following qualities:

Accessibility: How accessible is it (walks, curb ramps, grades)?
Visibility: How visible is it (what visual access is afforded to proposed skatepark location?
Activity: How active is it (what type of use currently exists on site and are uses compatible)?
Comfort: How comfortable is it (is the site safe, well-lit, and does it have areas for rest?                Feasibility: How practical would development be (what permitting requirements and non-conforming issues may need to be factored into project budget and schedule)? Is the existing infrastructure on site compatible with proposed use (i.e., parking)?

The five qualities used to rank the location (Accessibility, Visibility, Activity, Comfort and Feasibility) are critical for the skatepark’s long-term health.

The most logical location for a new skatepark is at the existing tennis court area. This area is east of the community pool and occupies a large area for a significant sized skatepark. The community pool lacks Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) access from the existing parking lot. This project proposes to integrate a new accessible pathway that will provide ADA access to both the community pool and new skate areas, which solves a long-standing access issue at this location.

Skatepark selection criteria include selection of a site that:

  • Is managed and operated by Portland Parks & Recreation.
  • Fills the two mile skatepark level of service gap.
  • Is conducive to skate park development.
  • Requires little to no tree removal to maximize protection of the urban canopy.
  • Has residential uses that are a significant distance at 500 feet from the suggested skatepark location.
  • Is in the lowest elevation of the park to buffer the sound.
  • Has an existing parking lot in place for cars and that meets code.
  • Can accommodate new ADA paths for access.
  • Has existing community interest such as a community driven skatepark that could minimize development improvement triggers and land use review.

Based on site selection methodology for skateparks noted above, Portland Parks & Recreation staff recommend Creston Park as the optimal location.

Community Engagement Timeline

Community Meeting 1: Wednesday May 3, 2023 Virtual Meeting – Project Overview and site selection decision based on Site Selection Methodology. View and discuss vision boards. 

Community Meeting 2: Summer 2023 at Creston Park (exact date TBD) –Present skate park design refinements and show alternative designs. The design options will be based upon what we learned from survey results and community members at meeting #1 on May 3, 2023, as well as feedback from internal staff and other city Bureaus.

Community Meeting 3: Late Summer/Fall2023 –Refinements to designs we heard during meeting #2. We aim to cultivate community support for a final design. 

Community Meeting #4: If Necessary

Planning and Construction Timeline

This timeline is subject to change based upon the number of community meetings that may be required.

  • Conceptual Design and Analysis – Spring 2023 to Fall 2023
  • Construction Documentation – Winter 2023 to Spring 2024
  • Permitting and Bidding – Summer/Fall 2024 to Winter 2024
  • Construction – Spring/Summer 2025
  • Grand Opening – Spring 2026

Proposed Skatepark Location

The future Creston Park Skatepark will be located in the area of the current tennis courts, just east of the Creston Park Outdoor Pool.

An ariel photo of Creston Park with an illustrated outline of the proposed skate area in the area that used to be the tennis courts.


Park Location or Entrance
SE 44th Avenue and Powell Blvd
Portland, OR 97206


Ken Rumbaugh

Senior Community Engagement Coordinator

News and notices