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Produce for People

Gardener stands by donation table with produce and boxes on it.
A grassroots effort in which community gardeners harness their ability to produce food to address hunger in the local community.
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Portland Parks & Recreation’s Produce for People (PFP) program, which sprouted in 1995 to combat Portland’s high poverty rate, is a grassroots effort in which community gardeners turn their ability to produce food into an opportunity to fulfill the needs of the hungry. In concert with hunger relief agencies, the program seeks to provide Portland’s emergency food shelters with fresh, nutritious, organic, locally grown food.

Produce for People, supported by amazing gardeners at 32 community garden sites, donated 25,303 pounds of produce to more than 24 different food pantries in the 2022 garden season.

Join an existing PFP program at your garden

Not only is PFP is a great way to give back, it's also a great way to fulfill community service hours.

  • Contact the community gardens at 503-823-1612 to inquire if there is a PFP program at your garden site
  • Contact your PFP coordinator
  • Join the PFP team at your garden site
  • Acquire plants and seeds to use for PFP
  • Plant an extra row for PFP in your garden plot
  • Donate extra produce from your garden plot
  • Volunteer to deliver produce to local food agencies

Become a PFP coordinator or start a new program

The PFP coordinator works with the volunteer garden manager to coordinate a PFP Program at their garden site. They communicate PFP opportunities to fellow gardeners, build relationships with recipient agencies, coordinate produce collection and deliveries, acquire necessary resources, build a volunteer team, record donations, and report them to the office.

 Contact Mikael Brust at or 503-823-6745 if you are interested in becoming a PFP coordinator.

Partner Agencies 

Gardeners and PFP coordinators choose the recipient of their PFP donations. Each garden must coordinate pick-ups or deliveries with the recipient of their choice. The following organizations are looking for produce donations: If you have additions to this list, please send them to us.

Updated July 2024

Sisters of the Road
A nonprofit Cafe in Portland’s Old Town/Chinatown neighborhood working to create systemic change that will end poverty and homelessness by providing nourishing meals in a safe, dignified space.
503-222-5694   |   |

Neighborhood House
Neighborhood House strengthens our community by bringing neighbors together to reduce hunger and homelessness and educate both young and old.
503-246-1663   |

Lift Urban Portland (Lift UP)
The vision at Lift UP is a Portland where everyone has access to healthy food and opportunities to connect with others.
503-221-1224   |   |

Urban Gleaners
A Portland, Oregon nonprofit that collects delicious, fresh food before it can go to waste. And we get it to people who need it.
503-226-8061   |

Neighborhood Gleaners 
A volunteer-run program of the Hollywood Senior Center, creating access to healthy fruits and vegetables for hundreds of low income seniors in the community.
503-288-8303   |   |

Preston’s Food Pantry
A partnership between First Church and Lift Urban Portland, whose mission is to reduce hunger and improve the lives of lower-income residents in the Downtown Portland area.
503-221-1224 ext. 105   |   |

The Francis Center
A non-profit food and clothing pantry started by Catholic Franciscan priests over 50 years ago.
503-775-6784   |   |

Blanchet House
Offers food, shelter, and aid to all those in need of a safe place to be nourished and restored.
503-241-4340   |   |

SUN Community Schools
Offer opportunities that support healthy child and youth development and family stability. Many of these schools operate food pantries for their local communities — see map at
503-988-2470   |

SnowCap Community Services
Providing food, clothing advocacy, and other services to low-income people in East Multnomah County.
503-674-8785   |   |

PDX Free Fridge
A community-based and informed mutual aid effort to increase access to free food and vital supplies by creating a network of independent fridges and pantries in Portland, Oregon.   |   PDX fridge locations