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Commercial Activity

Permits primarily for a business endeavor, whether offering classes/camps or vending food/equipment.
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A commercial activity permit allows an individual or organization that maintains an ongoing subsidiary business within a park. Any use of Portland Park’s outdoor premises to advertise or promote a product or service or build an offsite business is considered commercial in nature.

This website is intended to address the commercial use of Portland Parks & Recreation’s outdoor properties and does not address the commercial use of community centers, indoor facilities, privately managed, or leased properties. Please contact the indoor facilities directly for applicable policies on commercial use.

Attendance for commercial activities within Portland parks is intended to remain small, approximately 10-60 people at any one time. If you are planning a large community event, please contact the Customer Center at 503-823-2525.

Non-Refundable Application Processing Fees

More than 45 days of notification$150
45 days or less notification$300
15 days or less notification$450
Rush Fee$150

How to Apply

To secure a Commercial Use Permit, the application and an application fee must be submitted to the Portland Parks & Recreation Customer Service Center. Application may be made online, via email, or in person. To receive information, please email ParksCommercialUse@PortlandOregon.gov or call 503-823-2525.