Wildfires and Fire Danger

Code of Conduct for Patrons and Employees

By respecting this Code of Conduct everyone is welcome, comfortable, and safe in all Portland Parks & Recreation facilities and programs. Portland Parks & Recreation enforces immediate expulsion for violating certain aspects of this Code of Conduct.

In order to make Portland Parks & Recreation programs and facilities places where you and your family feel welcome, comfortable, and safe, we ask that you remember to:

  • Be a good role model for others, especially children and youth
  • Be safe, for the benefit of yourself and everyone else
  • Dress appropriately for a public place
  • Follow all rules described or posted
  • Pick up after yourself (no storage)
  • Respect the confidentiality of patrons and fellow employees
  • Respect other persons, equipment, supplies, and facilities
  • Park your vehicle in authorized areas

Refrain from the following:

  • All forms of harassment
  • Bouncing balls in the halls
  • Bringing animals (with the exception of service animals) into the building, or leaving them unattended outside
  • Bringing bicycles into the building
  • Creating a nuisance because of offensive personal hygiene
  • Defacing property (structures, land, or equipment)
  • Disruptive or disorderly behavior
  • Eating or drinking in non-designated areas
  • Improper use of restrooms
  • Offensive physical contact
  • Inflicting harm or hurting self or others
  • Leaving young children unsupervised
  • Playing audio equipment at a volume that disturbs others
  • Riding skateboards, skates or scooters inside the building, or leaving them unattended
  • Sleeping or loitering
  • Smoking
  • Solicitation, petitioning or canvassing other than in the public right-of-way (street sidewalks)
  • Spitting
  • Using or being under the influence of any intoxicating substance
  • Using profanity, teasing or ridiculing others
  • Violation of any federal, state or local statute or ordinance