Chimney Park

Chimney Park Aerial

Chimney Park is now open to the public.

American Rescue Plan (ARPA) Project  

The City received an American Rescue Plan (ARPA) grant to enhance park visitor and staff safety and protect park assets through improved security infrastructure at park maintenance and recreation facilities.

 Using part of these funds, the existing fence around the Chimney Park maintenance facility will be replaced with fencing that will increase security and the staff parking area will get new fencing. Estimated work dates will be posted when the schedule is created.

There will be no disruption to park use.

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Chimney Park was once the site of the city's incinerator. The park acquired its name from the incinerator's chimney, which has since been removed.

Park Location or Entrance

9360 N Columbia Blvd
Portland, OR 97203

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Fenced Dog off-leash Area


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