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Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) maintains a variety of sports fields across the city. These include soccer, football, baseball, and softball fields. PP&R also issues permits for Portland Public School District fields.

Permit applications are processed and issued continually throughout the year.

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COVID-19 related information

All guidelines for the permitted use of park athletic fields may be superseded by Oregon Health Authority guidelines and recommendations currently in action during COVID-19.

In response, PP&R will adjust its permitting procedures to adhere to those guidelines. These adjustments will, wherever possible, follow and align with each phase of the Multnomah County reopening. They will include -but may not be limited to- a restriction in the number of participants, types of activities allowed, and the duration of play and protocols.

View COVID-19 safety guidelines, closures, and postponements

Athletic Field Permit Fee Explanation

PP&R recognizes its responsibility to provide athletic field facilities for use by a variety of sports at many levels of competition. PP&R subsidizes use of city athletic fields to provide lower cost access to its residents. Portland City Council policy calls for a tiered subsidy for city residents based on need, and full cost recovery for other groups. To that end, additional fees will be included on the following specific athletic field uses: commercial, non-resident, and secondary season use.

The number of sport leagues requesting use of Portland athletic fields has increased exponentially in the past ten years. Primary and Secondary Season designations allow PP&R to focus on sports during their primary season by helping to manage overall costs. Secondary season fees have been added to assist in recovering the costs of maintaining fields beyond primary season play.

Primary and Secondary Seasons

Primary Seasons are the fixed dates recognized by PP&R as a specific sport’s main season of play. Secondary Seasons are all dates outside of any sports recognized Primary Season. PP&R recognizes its responsibility to provide athletic facilities for use by a variety of sports at many levels of competition. These designations allow PP&R to focus support on sports during their primary season. Primary and Secondary Season sports and application windows can be found in the Athletic Facilities Guidelines.

Seasonal Field Conversion Schedule

PP&R maintains more than 300 athletic fields and courts. The majority of these fields are converted from one sport to another seasonally. The date these field conversions are; Fall/August 15, and Spring/March 1. This means that work to set goalposts and field lining for the recognized in-season sport will start on that date. This transition can take up to two weeks or more depending on the weather and condition of the park. Since these fields are heavily used, it is important that users help protect this resource. Please do your part by respecting permitted use and staying off the fields when they are too wet; this will ensure player safety and avoid damage to the fields.

Lacrosse (Primary)
Football (Primary)
August 16-November
Basketball (Primary)
Rugby - Youth (Primary)
Rugby - Adult (Primary)
Soccer - Youth (Primary)
(artificial turf)
December-February 15
Baseball - Youth (Primary)
Soccer - Youth/Adult (Primary)
August 16-November
Softball - Youth (Primary)
 Cross Country (Primary)
Soccer - Youth (Secondary)
Ultimate Frisbee (Primary)
Softball - Adult (Primary)
April-August 15
Baseball - Adult (Primary)
April-August 15

In addition to the primary sport season, PP&R issues permits based on the following priorities:

  • Programs sponsored by Portland Parks & Recreation
  • Games and practices sponsored by Portland Public Schools
  • Other reciprocating youth agencies
  • Additional users based on field availability

Request an Athletic Field

The new process to request field time will go through an online submission process via Smartsheet which serves to streamline the process for application intake, document review, reservation, and managing requests more efficiently. Its automation features will help provide instant information about fees, timelines and other important details concerning the submitted request. It automatically directs the application to the individual preassigned to process it. When requesting a league, tournament, or camp please fill out the Athletic Facility Details Form, save it to your desktop under the league or organizations name then upload it to the Athletic Facilities Request.

Prior to submitting a request, please review the guidelines below.

Athletic Facility Request and Detail Form for Online Submission:

The Athletic Facilities Request is for leagues, tournaments, and camps field use requests. It allows users to attach required documents such as insurance, IRS forms, and the Athletic Facility Detail Chart. The Detail Chart provides specific details such as field type, number, dates, and times requested. Fill out the form and save it under the league or organizations name then drag onto the SmartSheet.

Athletic Facilities Request

To request use of a single facility for a 2-2-2 athletic play, please call (503) 823-2525 option #3.      2-2-2 athletic play allows for 2 hours during the week (2 hours in one day, or two 1-hour blocks during the week), and 2 hours on1 weekend day for no more than 2 weeks from the date of booking.

If you experience any issues submitting your request through SmartSheet and would like online assistance, please email or call (503) 823-2525 option #3.

If you cannot submit an application online, you can print and complete the Athletic Facility Detail Form and proceed in one of 3 ways:

  1. Mail your application with cash or check payment to the address below
  2. Visit our office at the address below during normal business hours and bring your application and cash, check or credit card payment
  3. Fax your application to (503) 823-2515. We will contact you for payment.

Portland Parks & Recreation Customer Service Center
1120 SW Fifth Avenue, First Floor
Portland, OR 97204

Emergency closure information

What to Expect After Submitting Request

Once you submit your request via SmartSheet, appropriate staff will be notified automatically. They will email you an invoice for the application fee(s)  with payment instructions. They will also notify you of any missing documentation necessary to start the booking process. No permit will be created until all appropriate application fees per field have been paid and all required documentation has been submitted regarding non-profit status, insurance and waivers.

After receiving payment of the application fee(s), we will:

  • send you a statement showing the fields/dates/times booked asking for your confirmation and a minimum payment of 50% of the estimated usage fees.

Following notification, you have 15 business days to submit the estimated 50% usage payment. Applicants who place the remaining fees on an automatic payment plan will receive a 5% discount. Otherwise, the remaining balance will be due:

  • 25% due on or before permit start date
  • 25% due on or before one month after permit start date
  • If the permit's duration is less than one month, 50% is due on permit start date.

If the start date is within two weeks of the date of application, full payment is required up front. If no payment or payment arrangements are made, permit will be canceled.

Ongoing Permit Support

If you have any questions about your permit(s), need to make any booking changes or would like any additional permit support, please email or call (503) 823-2525 option #3.

You can also access your online account, view existing permits and make payment through our online reservation portal.  



Mailing address

Portland Parks & Recreation Customer Service Center
1120 SW Fifth Avenue
Portland, OR 97204

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