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2024 Free Lunch + Play schedule

Play for days at Free Lunch + Play, where kids come to share a meal and have fun in the sun!

Monday through Friday from 10am to 2pm. Meals are provided by Portland Public Schools, Centennial School District, Parkrose School District, and David Douglas School District. All meals adhere to the USDA Federal Lunch Program rules and regulations. Youth 18 years and under must be in person to receive meals, handwashing is required, meals must be eaten on-site, and meals may only be served during stated mealtimes. There is no program on Thursday, July 4, and Friday, July 5, 2024.

Summer kick-off event

Join us as we celebrate the start of Free Lunch + Play on Thursday, June 27 at McCoy Park! The event will run from 11:30am to 1:30pm. Free lunch will be served from noon to 1:30pm or until meals run out. Enjoy a live performance featuring Ballet Papalotl performing authentic Mexican culture and folkloric dance, Arts in the Park will be crafting with kids, Rose City Rollers will have free roller skating for kids (bring socks), and lots of lawn games and fun to be had!

North Portland

Columbia ParkJune 24 - August 1611:30am-1pm
Irving ParkJune 24 - August 1611:30am-1pm
Kenton ParkJune 24 - August 1612-1:30pm
McCoy ParkJune 24 - August 1612-1:30pm
Peninsula ParkJune 24 - August 1612-1:30pm
St. Johns ParkJune 24 - August 1611:30am-1pm

Northeast Portland

Alberta ParkJune 24 - August 1611:30am-1pm
Kʰunamokwst ParkJune 24 - August 1612-1:30pm
Montavilla ParkJune 24 - August 1612-1:30pm

East Portland

Gateway Discovery ParkJune 24 - August 2311-11:45am
Lents ParkJune 24 - August 1611:30am-1pm
Lincoln ParkJune 24 - August 2312:00-12:45pm
Luuwit View ParkJune 24 - August 2312:15-1pm
Raymond ParkJune 24 - August 2311:30am-12:15am
Ventura ParkJune 24 - August 2311:45am-12:30pm
Verdell Burdine RutherfordJune 24 - August 2311:30am-1pm
Wilkes ParkJune 24 - August 2311:30am-1pm

Southeast Portland

Creston ParkJune 24 - August 1611:30am-1pm
Essex ParkJune 24 - August 1611:30am-1pm
Mt. Scott ParkJune 24 - August 1612-1:30pm

Southwest Portland

Holly Farm ParkJune 24 - August 1611:30am-1pm
Stephens Creek Crossing ApartmentsJune 24 - August 1612-1:30pm

Mobile Lunch + Play Schedule

The Mobile Lunch + Play program travels to parks and apartment complexes in East Portland to provide free meals and recreation activities to kids two days a week from 10:30am to 2:30pm. Days vary, see the schedule below. There is no program on Thursday, July 4, and Friday, July 5, 2024.

Mill Park School, under the covered shelterJune 27 - August 23Thursday, Friday12-1:30pm
Arbor Glen ApartmentsJune 25 - August 21Tuesday, Wednesday12-1:30pm
Bellrose Station ApartmentsJune 24 - August 22Monday, Thursday12-1:30pm
Eastgate Station ApartmentsJune 24 - August 23Monday, Wednesday12-1:30pm
Vine Maple ApartmentsJune 25 - August 23Tuesday, Friday12-1:30pm

Special Events at Free Lunch + Play!

We're teaming up with over 25 program partners to bring even more play to Free Lunch + Play sites in the areas of Arts and Culture, Literacy, Food Security, and Recreation! All the below activities are free and overlap with lunchtime. If you are bringing a group of five or more youth, please email a minimum of three working days before the date you're coming, what park and date you will be attending the below activities so we can order additional meals. 

Arts in the Park

Arts in the Park is a free mobile arts program led by Multnomah Arts Center (MAC) in conjunction with Free Lunch + Play. Arts in the Park prioritizes creating high-quality art experiences and focuses on the process rather than the end product. 

Gateway Discovery ParkJune 25-28, August 20-2310am-2pm
McCoy ParkJune 25-2810am-2pm
Creston ParkJune 25-28, August 13-1610am-2pm
Irving ParkJuly 2-310am-2pm
St. Johns ParkJuly 2-310am-2pm
Lincoln ParkJuly 2-310am-2pm
Stephens Creek Crossing ApartmentsJuly 9-1210am-2pm
Peninsula ParkJuly 9-12, August 13-1610am-2pm
Ventura ParkJuly 9-12, August 20-2310am-2pm
Columbia ParkJuly 16-1910am-2pm
Luuwit View ParkJuly 16-19, August 20-2310am-2pm
Holly Farm ParkJuly 16-1910am-2pm
Lents ParkJuly 23-2610am-2pm
K'hunamokwst ParkJuly 23-2610am-2pm
Essex ParkJuly 23-2610am-2pm
Kenton ParkJuly 30-August 210am-2pm
Montavilla ParkJuly 30-August 210am-2pm
Raymond ParkJuly 30-August 210am-2pm
Alberta ParkAugust 6-910am-2pm
Mt. Scott ParkAugust 6-910am-2pm
Verdell Burdine Rutherford ParkAugust 6-910am-2pm
Wilkes ParkAugust 13-1610am-2pm

Bookmobile Babe

Bookmobile Babe makes literacy and art activities accessible to all learners across the metropolitan areas of Portland, focusing on underserved communities. 

Gateway Discovery ParkJune 25-2810am-2pm
McCoy ParkJune 25-2810am-2pm
Creston ParkJune 25-2810am-2pm
Irving ParkJuly 2-310am-2pm
St. Johns ParkJuly 2-310am-2pm
Lincoln ParkJuly 2-310am-2pm
Stephens Creek Crossing ApartmentsJuly 9-1210am-2pm
Peninsula ParkJuly 9-1210am-2pm
Ventura ParkJuly 9-1210am-2pm
Columbia ParkJuly 16-1910am-2pm
Luuwit View ParkJuly 16-1910am-2pm
Holly Farm ParkJuly 16-1910am-2pm
Lents ParkJuly 23-2610am-2pm
K'hunamokwst ParkJuly 23-2610am-2pm
Essex ParkJuly 23-2610am-2pm
Kenton ParkJuly 30-August 210am-2pm
Montavilla ParkJuly 30-August 210am-2pm
Raymond ParkJuly 30-August 210am-2pm
Alberta ParkAugust 6-910am-2pm
Mt. Scott ParkAugust 6-910am-2pm
Verdell Burdine Rutherford ParkAugust 6-910am-2pm
Wilkes ParkAugust 13-1610am-2pm
Creston ParkAugust 13-1610am-2pm
Peninsula ParkAugust 13-1610am-2pm
Gateway Discovery ParkAugust 20-2310am-2pm
Ventura ParkAugust 20-2310am-2pm
Luuwit View ParkAugust 20-2310am-2pm

Echo Theater

Echo Theater PDX uses movement and ensemble theater traditions, imaginative play, and aerial arts to help people of all abilities discover their potential. 

Creston ParkWed, 7/1011:30am-1pm
Creston ParkThurs, 8/111:30am-1pm

Free Arts NW

The mission of Free Arts NW is to make arts enrichment programming accessible to underserved youth. Our arts activities feature opportunities for reflection, cooperative interaction, authentic self-expression, and skill building. 

Columbia ParkThursday, June 2711:30am-1pm
Holly Farm ParkThursday, July 1111:30am-1pm
Luuwit View ParkThursday, July 2511:30am-1pm
Gateway Discovery ParkThursday, August 811:30am-1pm
Raymond ParkThursday, August 2211:30am-1pm

Friends of Baseball

The mission of Friends of Baseball is to enhance children's lives through baseball and softball's power to teach. Fun, active baseball/softball skills stations are designed to expose beginners to the basics of catching, throwing, batting, and running the bases. All youth will receive fun giveaway items and swag bags. 

Kenton ParkTuesday, July 212-1:30pm
K'hunamokwst ParkTuesday, July 912-1:30pm
St. Johns ParkTuesday, July 1611:30am-1pm
Montavilla ParkTuesday, July 2312-1:30pm
Alberta ParkTuesday, July 3011:30am-1pm
McCoy ParkTuesday, August 612-1:30pm
Peninsula ParkTuesday, August 1312-1:30pm

Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC)

The mission of the Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC) is to provide affordable access to space, tools, and resources for creating independently published media and artwork, and to build community and identity through the creation of written and visual art. 

K'hunamokwst ParkFriday, 6/2812-1:30pm
Luuwit View ParkFriday, 8/912-1:30pm

Multnomah County Library Books 2 U

Books 2 U encourages children to read for personal enjoyment and to become library users. Multnomah County Library staff and volunteers bring high interest paperbacks.

Mt. Scott ParkFri, 8/211:30am-1pm
Peninsula ParkMon, 8/511:30am-1pm
St. Johns ParkMon, 8/511:30am-1pm
Ventura ParkTues, 8/611:30am-1pm
Montavilla ParkTues, 8/611:30am-1pm
Lents ParkWed, 8/711:30am-1pm
Essex ParkWed, 8/711:30am-1pm
Luuwit View ParkThurs, 8/811:30am-1pm
Holly Farm ParkThurs, 8/811:30am-1pm
Mt. Scott ParkFri, 8/911:30am-1pm
Creston ParkMon, 8/1211:30am-1pm
Peninsula ParkTues, 8/1311:30am-1pm
St. Johns ParkWed, 8/1411:30am-1pm

Multnomah County Library Storytimes

Join Multnomah County Library Storytimes this summer!

St. Johns ParkWednesdays: 6/26, 7/3, 7/10, 7/17, 7/24, 7/31, 8/7, 8/1411:30am-12:30pm
Holly Farm ParkWednesdays: 6/26, 7/10, 7/24, 8/1411:15am-Noon
Stephens Creek CrossingWednesdays: 7/3, 7/17, 8/711:15am-Noon

Oregon Charter Academy

Oregon Charter Academy staff deliver live, daily interaction to students while providing effortless access to a carefully curated curriculum designed to build on the four C's: Critical Thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity. 

Park SiteDateActivity/Mealtime
Mt. ScottFri, 8/211:30am-1pm
LentsWed, 8/711:30am-1pm
Holly FarmThurs, 8/811:30am-1pm
PeninsulaTues, 8/1311:30am-1pm

Nature Touch Tables with Portland Parks & Recreations' Environmental Education Program

Luuwit View ParkTues, 7/211:30am-1pm
Columbia ParkTues, 7/911:30am-1pm
Alberta ParkFri, 7/1211:30am-1pm
Lents ParkTues, 7/1611:30am-1pm
Creston ParkFri, 7/1911:30am-1pm
Stephens Creek Crossing ApartmentsTues, 7/2311:30am-1pm
Peninsula ParkFri, 7/2611:30am-1pm
Wilkes ParkTues, 7/3011:30am-1pm
Irving ParkFri, 8/211:30am-1pm
Kenton ParkTues, 8/611:30am-1pm
Lincoln ParkFri, 8/911:30am-1pm
Holly Farm ParkTues, 8/1311:30am-1pm
Essex ParkFri, 8/1611:30am-1pm
Ventura ParkTues, 8/2011:30am-1pm

Portland Backpack

Portland Backpack's mission is to serve children who are at risk of hunger by providing food sacks for weekend days when food scarcity is higher. With Free Lunch + Play, Portland Backpack hands out over 400 backpacks each summer. 

Creston ParkFridays: 6/28, 7/12, 7/19, 7/26, 8/2, 8/9, 8/1611:30am-1pm
Kenton ParkFridays: 6/28, 7/12, 7/19, 7/26, 8/2, 8/9, 8/1612-1:30pm
McCoy ParkFridays: 6/28, 7/12, 7/19, 7/26, 8/2, 8/9, 8/1612-1:30pm
Montavilla ParkFridays: 6/28, 7/12, 7/19, 7/26, 8/2, 8/9, 8/1612-1:30pm

Portland Opera

Portland Opera is committed to serving all of our neighbors. Portland Opera's mobile truck, Opera ala Cart, brings music to parks and venues all over the Portland Metro Area free of charge.

Alberta ParkThursday, 6/2711:30am-1pm
Lents ParkThursday, 7/1111:30am-1pm
Holly Farm ParkThursday, 7/2511:30am-1pm
Columbia ParkThursday, 8/811:30am-1pm
Verdell Burdine Rutherford ParkThursday, 8/2211:30am-1pm

Portland Public Schools (PPS) Safe Routes To School

PPS Safe Routes to School works to create safe, easy, and fun ways for kids to walk, bike, skate, scoot, bus or carpool to school.

IrvingWed, 7/1011:30am-1pm
KentonWed, 7/1711:30am-1pm
St. JohnsWed, 7/2411:30am-1pm
Holly FarmWed, 7/3111:30am-1pm
PeninsulaWed, 8/711:30am-1pm
MontavillaWed, 8/1411:30am-1pm

Portland Trail Blazers Rip City Hoops

The Portland Trail Blazers Rip City Hoops youth basketball program is dedicated to providing a safe and fun environment where youth can learn the game of basketball within a respectful and supportive setting. 

KentonMon, 7/812-1pm
McCoyWed, 7/1012-1pm
PeninsulaWed, 7/1712-1pm
AlbertaMon, 7/2212-1pm
KentonWed, 7/2412-1pm
PeninsulaWed, 7/3112-1pm
AlbertaMon, 8/512-1pm

Rose City Rollers

Rose City Rollers brings their Skatemobile, prepped with 150 free rental skates, to give children a chance to get some wheels on their feet and have fun learning how to skate!

LocationDateActivity Time
McCoy ParkThurs, 6/2711:30am-1pm
Essex ParkThurs, 7/1811:30am-1pm
K'hunamokwst ParkWed, 7/2411:30am-1pm
Lents ParkThurs, 8/111:30am-1pm
Ventura ParkWed, 8/711:30am-1pm
Holly Farm ParkThurs, 8/1511:30am-1pm
Gateway Discovery ParkFri, 8/2311:30am-1pm

SMART Reading

The mission of SMART Reading is to spark joy and opportunity through the magic of a shared book. Join us for free book giveaways while visiting Free Lunch + Play!

Ventura ParkFriday, June 2811:30am-1pm
Creston ParkFriday, July 1211:30am-1pm
Holly Farm ParkFriday, July 2611:30am-1pm
Irving ParkFriday, August 911:30am-1pm
Lincoln ParkFriday, August 2311:30am-1pm

SoundsTruck NW

SoundsTruck NW is dedicated to expanding the reach of the performing arts by delivering engaging, family-friendly concerts that embrace diverse cultures and showcase an extensive array of musical genres to communities of all backgrounds.

Lents ParkWed, 6/2611:30am-1pm
Kenton ParkWed, 7/2411:30am-1pm
Verdell Burdine Rutherford ParkFri, 7/2611:30am-1pm
K'hunamokwst ParkThu, 8/811:30am-1pm
McCoy ParkWed, 8/1411:30am-1pm

Urban Gleaners

Urban Gleaners collects delicious, fresh food before it can go to waste and get it to people who need it. Come visit their Free Food Markets at Mt. Scott and Lents Park each week this summer!

Mt. Scott ParkTues, 6/2512:15-2pm
Lents ParkThurs, 6/2712-2pm
Mt. Scott ParkTues, 7/212:15-2pm
Mt. Scott ParkTues, 7/912:15-2pm
Lents ParkThurs, 7/1112-2pm
Mt. Scott ParkTues, 7/1612:15-2pm
Lents ParkThurs, 7/1812-2pm
Mt. Scott ParkTues, 7/2312:15-2pm
Lents ParkThurs, 7/2512-2pm
Mt. Scott ParkTues, 7/3012:15-2pm
Lents ParkThurs, 8/112-2pm
Mt. Scott ParkTues, 8/612:15-2pm
Lents ParkThurs, 8/812-2pm
Mt. Scott ParkTues, 8/1312:15-2pm
Lents ParkThurs, 8/1512-2pm

Free Lunch + Play

Click on the video below to get a taste of the Summer Free For All's Free Lunch + Play program!

Commonly Asked Questions

Question: When will the 2024 Free Lunch + Play schedule be available?

Answer: The 2024 Free Lunch + Play schedule will be available online in April and in print in early June 2024. 

Question: Who do I contact to receive translated versions of the 2024 Summer Free For All Schedule?

Answer: The 2024 Free Lunch + Play schedule will be available online in April and in print in May. To be added to our distribution list for 2024, please email and include what languages you are interested in and if you'd like a printed version or a digital version. 

Question: How old do you have to be to get a free meal?

Answer: Free meals are given to ages 18 and under.

Question: Can I take the free lunch and leave the Free Lunch + Play area to eat it?

Answer: Free Lunch + Play meals are required to be eaten on-site in the designated Free Lunch + Play area per the USDA Federal guidelines. 

Question:Do you have to be present to receive a meal?

Answer: Yes, anyone receiving a meal must be in person to receive a meal. This means they must wash and dry their hands, receive the meal in person, and eat lunch at the site.

Question: Can I pick up a lunch before or after the stated mealtime for the park?

Answer: Lunches may only be distributed by staff during the designated mealtimes for the site that are approved by the Oregon Department of Education and adhere to the Oregon Health Authority rules for safe food practices. 

Question: Can my child take two lunches?

Answer: No, per USDA Federal guidelines, each child may receive one lunch. Sites will have a "No Thank You Table" with parts of lunches that people don't want, and youth can take what they want from that space during the mealtime service hours for the site. 

Question: If a site has extra lunches at the end of their meal service time, what happens to the extra meals?

Answer: In 2023, Summer Free For All Free Lunch + Play donated 7,850 extra meals.  

Question: Why do the mealtimes vary from park to park for the Free Lunch + Play Program and are they not all at the same time?

Answer: Free Lunch + Play partners with four different school districts for the USDA Summer Meal Program. Logistically, it is not possible to have all the meals delivered and served at the same time at over 20 sites daily. Staggered mealtimes provide families with options to attend a time that works for their family.

Question: Can an adult buy a meal?

Answer: No.