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Most City of Portland offices will be closed Monday, May 29, in observance of Memorial Day.

Summer Free for All - Free Lunch + Play

Free Lunch + Play Gateway Meal Time

2023 Free Lunch + Play Schedule - 10:00am-2:00pm

Play for days at Free Lunch + Play - where kids come to share a meal together and have fun in the sun! Monday thru Friday from 10:00am-2:00pm. Meals provided by Portland Public Schools, Centennial School District, Parkrose School District and David Douglas School District and adhere to the USDA Federal Lunch Program rules and regulations. No program on Tues, July 4. Translated pdf fliers will be posted on this site in mid-May.

North Portland
Columbia Park: N Woolsey Ave + N Winchell StJune 21-Aug 1811:30am-1pm
Irving Park: 875 NE Fremont StreetJune 21-Aug 1811:30am-1pm
Kenton Park: N Delaware Ave and N Kilpatrick StJune 21-Aug 1812-1:30pm
McCoy Park: N Newman Ave and N Newark StJune 21-Aug 1812-1:30pm
Peninsula Park: 700 N Rosa Parks WayJune 21-Aug 1812-1:30pm
St Johns Park: 8427 N Central StJune 21-Aug 1811:30am-1pm
Northeast Portland
Alberta Park: NE 19 Ave and NE Jarrett StJune 21-Aug 1811:30am-1pm
Cully Park: 5810 NE 72 AveJune 21-Aug 1811:30am-1pm
Khunamokwst Park: 5200 NE Alberta StJune 21-Aug 1812-1:30pm
Montavilla Park: NE 82 Ave and Glisan StJune 21-Aug 1812-1:30pm
East Portland
Gateway Discovery Park: 10520 NE HalseyJune 26-Aug 2511-11:45am
Lents Park: SE 92 Ave and SE Steele StJune 21-Aug 1811:30am-1pm
Lincoln Park: SE 135 Ave and Mill StJune 26-Aug 2512:30-1pm
Luuwit View Park: NE 127 Ave and Fremont StJune 26-Aug 2512:15-1pm
Raymond Park: SE 118 Ave and SE Liebe StJune 26-Aug 2512-12:30pm
Ventura Park: 460 SE 113 AveJune 26-Aug 2512-12:30pm
Verdell Burdine Rutherford : 1599 SE 167 AveJune 26-Aug 2511:30am-1pm
Wilkes Park: NE 154 Ave and NE Beech StJune 26-Aug 2511:30am-1pm
Southeast Portland
Creston Park: 4454 SE Powell BlvdJune 21-Aug 1811:30am-1pm
Essex Park: SE 76 Ave and Center StJune 21-Aug 1811:30am-1pm
Mt. Scott Park: SE 72 Ave and SE Ramona StJune 21-Aug 1812-1:30pm
Southwest Portland and Northwest Portland
Holly Farm Park: 10819 SW Capital HighwayJune 21-Aug 1811:30am-1pm
Stephens Creek Crossing Apt: 6715-6816 SW 26thJune 21-Aug 1812-1:30pm
The Fields Park: 1099 NW Overton StJune 21-Aug 1811:30am-1pm

Mobile Lunch + Play - 10am-2pm

The Mobile Lunch + Play program travels to parks and apartment complexes in East Portland to provide free meals and recreation activities to kids two-days-a-week. Days vary, see schedule below. No program on Tuesday, July 4.

Mill Park School:
Under the covered shelter
June 26-Aug 25Wed, Fri11:30am-1pm
Arbor Glen Apartments:
2609 SE 145 Ave
June 26-Aug 25Mon, Thurs11:30am-1pm
Bellrose Station Apartments: 
7901 SE 92nd Ave
June 26-Aug 25Tues, Fri11:30am-1pm
East Gate Station Apartments: 
100 NE 120 Ave
June 26-Aug 25Mon, Wed11:30am-1pm
Vine Maple Apartments: 177 SE 146th Ave June 26-Aug 25Tue, Thurs11:30am-1pm

Play with our Program Partners

We team up with 24+ program partners to bring even MORE play to Free Lunch + Play sites! Program partners include Multnomah County Library, Portland Opera, Rose City Rollers, and more! The 2023 Program Partner Event schedule will be posted late May. 

Commonly Asked Questions

Question: Can an adult buy a Federal Lunch at the park?

Answer: Yes, an adult can pay $5.00 cash on-site for a lunch, no debit or credit cards.

Question: How old do you have to be to get a free meal?

Answer: Free meals are given to ages 18 and under.

Question: Can I take the free lunch and leave the Free Lunch + Play area to eat it?

Answer: Free Lunch + Play meals are required to be eaten on-site in the designated Free Lunch + Play area per the USDA Federal guidelines. 

Question: Can I pick-up a lunch before or after the stated mealtime for the park?

Answer: Lunches may only be distributed by staff during the designated mealtimes for the site that are approved by Oregon Department of Education and adhere to the Oregon Health Authority rules for safe food practices. 

Question: Can my child take two lunches?

Answer: No, per USDA Federal guidelines, each child may receive one lunch. Sites will have a "No Thank You Table" with parts of lunches that people don't want and youth can take what they want from that space during the mealtime service hours for the site. 

Question: If a site has extra lunches at the end of their meal service time, what happens to the extra meals?

Answer: In 2022, Summer Free For All Free Lunch + Play donated 7,850 extra meals to 10 local non-profits. 

Question: Why do the mealtimes vary from park to park for the Free Lunch + Play Program and are not all the same time?

Answer: Free Lunch + Play partners with four different school districts for the USDA Summer Meal Program. Logistically, it is not possible to have all the meals delivered and served at the same time to 29 sites daily. Staggered mealtimes provides families options to attend a time that works for their family.


Alicia Hammock

Recreation Supervisor | Summer Free For All Supervisor

Jeremiah Sazdanoff

Summer Free For All Coordinator

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